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Detailed Biographical Data for Astrologers and Numerologists

This page highlights those areas on the Internet Accuracy Project site which contain detailed birth, death or marriage information that may be of use in astrology or numerology. We hope you find these helpful with numerological divination, or in preparing astrological birth charts.

Some of these celebrity profiles are quite lengthy, with comprehensive data on siblings, children, parents, spouses, as well as wedding details, time of birth (when available), time of death (when available), and burial location or cremation info. Other profiles are quite brief, and are slated for expansion, but they all contain in-depth birth, and/or death data.

Astrologers should know that much of the precise birth and death data would be comparable to AA (recorded by government birth or death records, or family) or A (stated by the person, family or close associate) on the Rodden System of Data Classification. In rare instances we will use data that would be comparable to a B classification (stated in a biography or autobiography) if that info can be corroborated by other sources. We would never knowingly use any info that would be the equivalent of a C or DD classification on the Rodden System.

Be sure and visit our collection of celebrity death data. It offers the precise date, time, place and cause of death for various celebrated individuals.

Visit our page addressing divorce dates in biographical profiles, for more information on divorce dates offered at Internet Accuracy Project. Also be sure and check out our accuracy of times of birth and times of death, for more information on that subject.

If you find value in the work we do, please link to this site from your webpage, blog or website. Alternatively, consider recommending Internet Accuracy Project to your friends and colleagues. Thank you in advance!

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