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Individual Biographical and Autobiographical Sources/References

In addition to countless reference books, birth and death records, our researchers utilize a vast private library of biographies and autobiographies. The following is a very small sample of these biographical and autobiographical titles.

Biographical and autobiographical titles utilized in our research

Senator James Lusk Alcorn
* James Lusk Alcorn: Persistent Whig, by Lillian A. Pereyra (1966)

Jim Bakker
* Forgiven: The Rise and Fall of Jim Bakker and the PTL Ministry, by Charles E. Shepard (1989)

Dirk Benedict
* And Then We Went Fishing, by Dirk Benedict (1993)

Jack Benny
* Sunday Nights at Seven: The Jack Benny Story, by Jack Benny and his daughter Joan Benny (1990)

Theodore Bikel
* Theo: The Autobiography of Theodore Bikel, by Theodore Bikel (1994)

Anita McCormick Blaine
* A Timeless Affair: The Life of Anita McCormick Blaine, by Gilbert A. Harrison (1979)
* Cyrus Hall McCormick: His Life and Work, by Herbert N. Casson (1909)
* Cyrus McCormick and the Mechanical Reaper, by Lisa J. Aldrich (2002)

Edward Bok
* The Americanization of Edward Bok: The Autobiography of a Dutch Boy Fifty Years After, by Edward William Bok (1920)
* The Model Man: A Life of Edward William Bok 1863-1930, by Hans Krabbendam (2001)

Barbara Bush
* Barbara Bush: A Memoir, by Barbara Bush (1994)
* Simply Barbara Bush: A Portrait of America's Candid First Lady, by Donnie Radcliffe (1989)

President George H. W. Bush
* George Bush: An Intimate Portrait, by Fitzhugh Green (1990)
* Looking Forward, by George Bush (1987)

Truman Capote
* Capote: A Biography, by Gerald Clarke (1988)
* "Dear Genius . . ." A Memoir of My Life with Truman Capote, by Jack Dunphy (1987)

James Gould Cozzens
* James Gould Cozzens: A Life Apart, by Matthew J. Bruccoli (1983)

Hume Cronyn
* A Terrible Liar, by Hume Cronyn (1991)

Jeffrey Dahmer
* A Father's Story, by Lionel Dahmer (1994)
* Milwaukee Massacre: Jeffrey Dahmer and the Milwaukee Murders, by Robert J. Dvorchak and Lisa Holewa (1991)

Gov. Thomas E. Dewey
* Thomas E. Dewey and His Times, by Richard Norton Smith (1982)

Dwight D. Eisenhower
* Crusade in Europe, by Dwight D. Eisenhower (1948)
* Dwight D. Eisenhower: A Man Called Ike, by Jean Darby (1989)
* Dwight D. Eisenhower: Soldier, President, Statesman, edited by Joann P. Krieg (1987)
* Eisenhower, by Stephen E. Ambrose (1990)
* Eisenhower: A Centennial Life, by Michael R. Beschloss (1990)
* In Review, Pictures I've Kept, by Dwight D. Eisenhower (1969)

Mamie Eisenhower
* Ike and Mamie: The Story of the General and His Lady, by Lester and Irene David
* Mrs. Ike: Portrait of a Marriage, by Susan Eisenhower (2002)

Myron Floren
* Accordion Man, by Myron Floren and his eldest daughter Randee Floren (1981)

Betty Ford
* Betty Ford: The Times of My Life, by Betty Ford with Chris Chase (1978)

President Gerald R. Ford
* Jerry Ford: Up Close, by Bud Vestal (1974)
* A Time to Heal: The Autobiography of Gerald R. Ford, by President Gerald Ford (1979)

John W. Foster
* John W. Foster: Politics and Diplomacy in the Imperial Era, 1873-1917, by Michael J. Devine (1981)

Gene Fowler and Will Fowler
* The Young Man from Denver, by Will Fowler (1962)

Senator Barry M. Goldwater
* The Conscience of a Conservative, by Senator Barry Goldwater (1960)
* Goldwater, by Senator Barry Goldwater (1988)
* Mr. Conservative: Barry Goldwater, by Jack Bell (1962)
* With No Apologies, by Senator Barry Goldwater (1979)

Ned Harrigan
* Ned Harrigan: From Corlear's Hook to Herald Square, by Richard Moody (1980)

Katharine Hepburn
* Me: Stories of My Life, by Katharine Hepburn (1991)

James A. Herne
* James A. Herne: The American Ibsen, by John Perry (1978)

Billie Holiday
* Wishing on the Moon: The Life and Times of Billie Holiday, by Donald Clarke (1994)

Buddy Holly
Buddy Holly: A Biography, by Ellis Amburn (1995)

Saddam Hussein
* The Rape of Kuwait: The True Story of Iraqi Atrocities Against a Civilian Population, by Jean P. Sasson (1991)
* Republic of Fear: The Inside Story of Saddam's Iraq, by Samir al-Khalil (1989)
* Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf, by Judith Miller and Laurie Mylroie (1990)

Al Jolson
* Jolson: The Legend Comes to Life, by Herbert G. Goldman (1988)

William King
* William King: Friend and Champion of Slaves, by Annie Straith Jamieson (1925)

Angela Lansbury
* Balancing Act: The Authorized Biography of Angela Lansbury, by Martin Gottfried (1999)
* Angela Lansbury: A Biography, by Margaret Wander Bonanno (1987)

Myrna Loy
* Myrna Loy: Being and Becoming, by Myrna Loy (1987)

Joan Lunden
* Good Morning, I'm Joan Lunden, by Joan Lunden and Ardy Friedberg (1986)

Hugh MacDiarmid
* MacDiarmid: Christopher Murray Grieve, A Critical Biography, by Alan Bold (1988)

Jayne Mansfield
* The Tragic Secret Life of Jayne Mansfield, by Raymond Strait (1974)
* Jayne Mansfield and the American Fifties, by Martha Saxton (1975)

Charles Manson
* Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders, by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry (1974)
* Manson in His Own Words, As Told to Nuel Emmons by Charles Manson (1988)

Ethel Merman
* I Got Rhythm! The Ethel Merman Story, by Bob Thomas (1985)

James Henry Moser
* James Henry Moser: His Brush and His Pen, by Grace Moser Fetherolf (1982)

William Mulholland
* William Mulholland and the Rise of Los Angeles, by Catherine Mulholland (2002)

Leonard Nimoy
* I Am Not Spock (1975) and I Am Spock (1995), both by Leonard Nimoy

Albert Pick, Jr.
* The Indestructible Crown: The Life of Albert Pick, Jr., by Judith Barnard (1980)

William H. Prescott
* Life of W. H. Prescott, by George Ticknor (1864)
* William Hickling Prescott, by Harry Thurston Peck (1905)

John Hamilton Reynolds
* The Life of John Hamilton Reynolds, by Leonidas M. Jones (1984)

Jay Robinson
* The Comeback, by Jay Robinson (1979)

Carl Sagan
* Carl Sagan: A Life in the Cosmos, by William Poundstone (1999)

Russell Sage
* Russell Sage: The Money King, by Paul Sarnoff (1965)

Jessica Savitch
* Anchorwoman, by Jessica Savitch (1982)
* Almost Golden: Jessica Savitch and the Selling of Television News, by Gwenda Blair (1988)
* Golden Girl: The Story of Jessica Savitch, by Alanna Nash (1988)

General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
* In the Eye of the Storm: The Life of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, by Roger Cohen and Claudio Gatti (1991)
* It Doesn't Take a Hero, by General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, written with Peter Petre (1992)
* Stormin' Norman: An American Hero by Jack Anderson and Dale Van Atta (1991)

Jean Stafford
* Jean Stafford: The Life of a Writer, by David Roberts (1988)
* The Interior Castle: The Art and Life of Jean Stafford, by Ann Hulbert (1992)

Adlai Stevenson
* Adlai Stevenson: His Life and Legacy, by Porter McKeever (1989)
* The Papers of Adlai E. Stevenson, Volume I: Beginnings of Education, 1900-1941
* The Papers of Adlai E. Stevenson, Volume II: Washington to Springfield, 1941-1948
* The Papers of Adlai E. Stevenson, Volume III: Governor of Illinois, 1949-1953
* The Papers of Adlai E. Stevenson, Volume IV: "Let's Talk Sense to the American People", 1952-1955
* The Papers of Adlai E. Stevenson, Volume V: Visit to Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, March-August 1953
* The Papers of Adlai E. Stevenson, Volume VI: Toward A New America, 1955-1957

Jerry Stiller
* Married to Laughter: A Love Story Featuring Anne Meara, by Jerry Stiller (2000)

George Takei
* To the Stars: The Autobiography of George Takei, by George Takei (1994)

Sharon Tate
* Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders, by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry (1974)
* Roman by Polanski, by Roman Polanski (1984)

Senator Glen H. Taylor
* The Way It Was With Me, by Senator Glen Taylor (1979)

Spencer Tracy
* Me: Stories of My Life, by Katharine Hepburn (1991)
* Spencer Tracy: Tragic Idol, by Bill Davidson (1987)
* Tracy and Hepburn: An Intimate Memoir, by Garson Kanin (1970)

Vivian Vance
* The Other Side of Ethel Mertz: The Life Story of Vivian Vance by Frank Castelluccio and Alvin Walker (1998)

Andy Warhol
* The Andy Warhol Diaries, by Andy Warhol, edited by Pat Hackett (1989)
* Holy Terror: Andy Warhol Close up, by Bob Colacello (1990)
* Famous for 15 Minutes: My Years with Andy Warhol, by Ultra Violet (1988)

Lew Wasserman
* The Last Mogul: Lew Wasserman, MCA, and the Hidden History of Hollywood, by Dennis McDougal (2001)
* Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood: Edie and Lew Wasserman and Their Entertainment Empire, by Kathleen Sharp
* When Hollywood Had a King: The Reign of Lew Wasserman, Who Leveraged Talent into Power and Influence, by Connie Bruck (2003)

Oscar Wilde
* Oscar Wilde, by Richard Ellmann (1988)

Vice President Henry Wilson
* The Life and Public Services of Henry Wilson, Late Vice-President of the United States, by Elias Nason and Thomas Russell (1876)

Orville and Wilbur Wright
* The Bishop's Boys: A Life of Wilbur and Orville Wright, by Tom D. Crouch (1989)

Malcolm X
* The Autobiography of Malcolm X, by Malcolm X and Alex Haley (1964)
* Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary, by Walter Dean Myers (1993)

In addition to the above biographies and autobiographies (and numerous others not specifically listed), countless reference books are also utilized by our researchers. For a look at some of these titles, visit our page of source information/references.

Internet Accuracy Project welcomes contributions of biographies and autobiographies.

If you find value in the work we do, please link to this page from your webpage, blog or website. Alternatively, consider recommending us to your friends and colleagues. Thank you in advance!

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