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Table of Contents

The Artificial Heart - This page highlights the most common misconception regarding the invention of the artificial heart.

Index of Biographical Data - This page offers a listing of links to a number of Internet Accuracy Project pages offering biographical data on various celebrated individuals. Celebrity Marriage Data, Celebrity Residences, and Celebrity Death Data, are just a few of the many biographical pages we offer.

Biographical errors and profiles (A - G) - These pages present biographical profiles containing error corrections for some of the most common errors you'll find in reference books and on the Web.
Biographical errors and profiles (H - Q)
Biographical errors and profiles (R - Z)

Calendar - Our Perpetual Calendar index covers every year between 1801 and 2100.

Commonly misspelled words, commonly confused words, easily misused words - Consult this page to avoid making some of the most frequent errors on this topic.

Two-letter Internet country code domain extensions - A complete, alphabetized list of Internet country codes from around the world.

Unusual, Creative, or Humorous Acronyms - This document presents a collection of unusual, creative, and occasionally, truly inspired acronyms.

Daylight Saving Time in the United States - This page offers information on Daylight Saving Time in the U.S., along with a schedule of dates DST will be observed for the next few years, so you'll always know when to set your clocks ahead in the spring, and when to "fall back" an hour in autumn. We also look at the debate over whether energy savings truly result from DST implementation.

Deliberate errors - A brief discussion on the deliberate falsification of data.

First and Last Freeze and Annual U.S. Precipitation - This weather data page presents several U.S. climate maps offering the mean date of last freezing temperatures, the mean date of first freezing temps, the median length of freeze-free period, and another showing annual precipitation totals throughout the United States.

Gangs in the U. S. offers an extensive database of acronyms, abbreviations, and identifiers to help law enforcement personnel identify gangs in the United States.

Heat Index Charts - This weather data page presents information on the useful summertime index that combines the actual air temperature and relative humidity to produce a "feels like" temperature. You will find both Fahrenheit Heat Index charts and the Celsius Humidex Table.

International Law Enforcement Abbreviations and Acronyms - This page offers a wide variety of abbreviations and acronyms used by various police and law enforcement personnel, as well as crime victim organizations and other groups working to make communities safer around the world.

Index of Free eBooks - This page offers links to a variety of free eBooks, short stories and poetry. Everything from literary classics to memorable short stories and poems are included. You can view available titles arranged by the author's name (A - D), (E - Hd), (He - Hz), (I - L), (M - P), (Q - R), (S - V), (W - Z), or arranged alphabetically by title (A - B), (C - D), (E - I), (J - L), (M), (N - O), (P - R), (S), (T), (U - Z).

Guide to Leap Years - This page presents information on leap years, as well as links to leap year calendars and a listing of all leap years between 1800 and 2100.

Measurements, weights, and temperatures - Avoid some of the more common weights and measurement errors by consulting this page.

Miscellaneous biographical errors - This page highlights a variety of biographical errors found in books and on various Web sites.

Mission statement - Visit this page for details on Internet Accuracy Project's objectives.

O.K. Corral shootout - The most common misconception concerning the 1881 O.K. Corral gunfight in Tombstone, Arizona is addressed.

Place Name Index - This page offers links to a variety of our place name Web pages. You'll find everything from profiles of unusually-named communities, extensive lists of place names in certain states, to amusing lists of unusually-named U.S. towns, Christmas or holiday season place names, Valentine's Day or romantic place names, and U.S. place names associated with Halloween. We are very gratified that teachers are utilizing our various place name pages to successfully motivate their geography students. Educators incorporating these webpages in their lesson plans report their students find geography more fun, and entertaining!

Plant Hardiness Zone Maps for North America - This page offers several maps showing the various plant hardiness zones used by many gardeners for planning spring plantings.

Postage Rates and U.S. Postal Service state abbreviations - Consult this page for a complete rundown of current U.S. postage rates and U.S. state abbreviations.

Record-setting U.S. temperatures - This weather data page presents the record high and low temperatures recorded in all fifty states.

Reference book errors - Common errors contained in many popular almanacs, encyclopedias, and other reference books.

Guide to Roman Numerals - Our guide to roman numerals provides information on this ancient system of numeration along with an equivalency chart.

Spell Checker Fun - Ode To a Spell Checker - This page offers a number of humorous examples that illustrate the fallibility of spell checkers. "Wooden ewe like too bee won of the pea pull two revue spell checker fun two a void may king miss steaks win ewe right?"

Sources of Errors - We look at some of the origins of errors researchers have encountered over the years.

Trivia Question Answers - This page offers answers to popular trivia questions on subjects as diverse as geography, literature, politics, and television.

U.S. Law Enforcement Abbreviations and Acronyms - This database provides a wide variety of abbreviations, acronyms and other terminology used by various police and other law enforcement personnel in the United States.

U.S. Law Enforcement Task Forces and SWAT teams - This is an extensive database of acronyms used to identify a wide variety of various U.S. police and law enforcement task forces, as well as SWAT teams and other special police units working to make U.S. communities safer.

U.S. Mail Holidays - UPS Holidays - FedEx Holidays - DHL Holidays - This page documents upcoming holidays for the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, DHL and FedEx.

U.S. Postal Service rate increases and changes - The latest proposed changes to U.S. postage rates, USPS fees and service charge increases, along with other proposals that may be before the Postal Rate Commission.

U.S. Presidents in chronological order with their respective Vice Presidents - This page offers a complete numerical record of Presidents of the United States along with the years they served in office and their respective Vice Presidents.

U.S. Vice Presidents in chronological order with their respective Presidents - Here you'll find a complete list of U.S. Vice Presidents. Each Vice President of the United States appears numerically along with the years they served in office and the respective Presidents they served under.

U.S. State Capitals - This page offers a list of all 50 U.S. state capitals, listed alphabetically by state.

U.S. States by date of statehood - Offers a complete list of all 50 U.S. states in chronological order by the date of their statehood.

U.S. Time Zones - Time Zones for U.S. Cities and Towns - This page features U.S. time zone maps and includes an extensive list of cities and towns in each of the time zones shown.

Wind Chill Charts - This weather data page offers information on both the new and old wind chill charts used by the National Weather Service in the U.S. and the Meteorological Services of Canada, as well as a wind chill temperature comparison chart that contrasts the new and old wind chill formulas.

World Capitals - This page offers a list of world capitals listed alphabetically by country.

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