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U.S. Law Enforcement Task Force and SWAT Unit Acronyms

Below you will find an alphabetical listing of acronyms used to identify a wide variety of various police and law enforcement task forces, special police units, as well as other groups working to make communities safer in the United States.

While certain "insider" acronyms and lingo are used and recognized almost exclusively within law enforcement, others have gained wider acceptance and entered the vernacular of the general public.

NOTE: Not all of the groups listed below are still active, while others may have taken on new monikers. As a result of the rough economy and shrinking budgets, a number of task forces, SWAT teams, and K-9 units have been forced to downsize, disband, or merge with other nearby teams. Be aware that some of these abbreviations and acronyms may have completely different meanings in different locales. If no location is offered for a task force or group, this usually means it exists in several locations across the United States.

PUNCTUATION NOTE: We're cognizant of the fact that some of the organizations listed below fail to use proper punctuation in their names. Rather than correcting this, we present their names as they normally refer to themselves.

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U.S. Police Task Force and Special Police Unit Acronyms
AATA - Arizona Automobile Theft Authority

ABADE - Alaska Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Enforcement

ACAP - Alien Criminal Apprehension Program

ACCNET - Amador County Combined Narcotics Enforcement Team (California)

ACDTF - Adams County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)
Allen County Drug Task Force (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, etc.)
Armstrong County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)

ACE - Active Crime Enforcement
Advanced Criminal Enforcement

ACE Task Force - Agencies for Combined Enforcement Task Force (Greene County, Ohio)

ACE Team - Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Team

ACET - All Crimes Enforcement Team (Northwest Colorado) -- They were formerly known as the Greater Routt and Moffat Narcotics Enforcement Team.

ACGTF - Anderson County Gang Task Force (South Carolina)

ACNTF - Alameda County Narcotics Task Force (California)

ACRATT - Alameda County Regional Auto Theft Task Force (California)

ACTF - Animal Cruelty Task Force
Anti-Crack Task Force
Anti-Crime Task Force
Auto/Cargo Task Force
Auto Crimes Task Force

ACTION - Anti-Crime Team In Our Neighborhoods
Arrest Car Thieves in Our Neighborhood (Michigan)
Attacking Crime Trends In Our Neighborhoods (Tempe, Arizona)

ADDU - Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit (Georgia)

ADITF - Arizona Drug Intelligence Task Force

ADRT - Aggressive Driver Response Team
Aggressive Driving Response Team

ADTF - Adirondack Drug Task Force
Aggressive Driving Task Force
Altamaha Drug Task Force (Southeastern Georgia)
Anti-Drug Task Force
Appalachian Drug Task Force (Georgia)

AEU - Aerial Enforcement Unit
Alcohol Enforcement Unit
Arson and Explosives Unit

AFTF - Alaska Fugitive Task Force

AGE - Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement

AGED - Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division (Minnesota)

AGTF - Anti-Gang Task Force
Anti-Graffiti Task Force
Aurora Gang Task Force (Colorado)

AHEC - Arizona HIDTA Executive Committee

AHNVCTF - Anoka-Hennepin Narcotics and Violent Crimes Task Force (Minnesota)

AHTTF - Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force

AIS - Accident Investigation Squad (New York)

AIU - Accident Investigation Unit
Active Investigations Unit
Administrative Investigations Unit
Applicant Investigations Unit

ALERT - Advanced Local Emergency Response Team (North Carolina)
Air Land Emergency Response Team
Alcohol Law Enforcement Response Team (Alabama)
America's Law Enforcement Retiree Team
Area Law Enforcement Retail Theft Task Force (Knox County, Tennessee)

AMC - Air Mobility Command

AMMO - Atlanta Metropolitan Major Offenders Task Force (Georgia)

AMPU - Adult Missing Persons Unit

ANVIL - Alcohol, Narcotics, Vice, Intelligence and Laundering (Arab, Alabama)

AOCTF - Asian Organized Crime Task Force

AOD Task Force - Alcohol and Other Drug Task Force

ARCNET - Allied Riverside Cities Narcotic Enforcement Team (Southern California)

ARREST - Alcohol Related Response Enforcement Strike Team -- In Missouri, it's known as Operation ARREST.

ARMNET - Armstrong County Narcotics Enforcement Team (Pennsylvania)

ARMOR - All-hazards, Regional Multi-agency Operations and Response task force (Southern Nevada)

ART - Accident Reconstruction Team
Accident Response Team
Area Response Team
Armed Robbery Team

ARTF - Anti-Rape Task Force
Anti-Robbery Task Force
Armed Robbery Task Force (Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, etc.)

ASaLT - Allied State and Local Task Force (California)

ASATF - Adult Sexual Assault Task Force

ASET - Annapolis Special Emergency Team (Maryland)

ASEU - Anti-Smuggling Enforcement Unit (Arizona)

ASF - Arson Strike Force (Klamath County, Oregon)

ASORT - Allied Special Operations Response Team (Richland County, Ohio)

ASTF - Alien Smuggling Task Force

ASTREA - Aerial Support to Regional Enforcement Agencies (San Diego County, California)

ASU - Air Support Unit

ATAC - All Threats All Crimes Unit (Washoe County, Nevada)
Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council
Auto Theft Advisory Committee

A-TCET - Anti-Terrorism Contraband Enforcement Team

ATF - Ag Task Force (Agriculture Task Force)
AG Task Force (Attorney General's Task Force)
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
Alcohol Task Force
Arson Task Force

ATOD Task Force - Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Task Force

ATTF - Anti-Terrorism Task Force
Auto Theft Task Force

AWTF - Adam Walsh Task Force

BADCATS - Burglary Auto Detail Commercial Auto Theft Section (California)

BADGES - Bay Area Drug and Gang Enforcement Squad (Florida)
Before Aggressive Driving Gets Everyone Stopped (California)

BAG - Border Alliance Group (Arizona)

BANDIT - Boise Area Narcotics and Drug Interdiction Task Force (Idaho)

BAT - Bicycle Apprehension Team
Bomb and Arson Team
Burglar Apprehension Team

BATF - Blackhawk Area Task Force (Illinois)

BATTLE - Beat Auto Theft Through Law Enforcement -- Also known as the DuPage County Auto Theft Task Force (Illinois)

BAU - Behavioral Analysis Unit (FBI)

BAYANET - Bay Area Narcotics Enforcement Team (Michigan)

BCA - Bureau of Criminal Apprehension -- Also known as the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (MBCA).

BCDSF - Buchanan County Drug Strike Force (Missouri)

BCDTF - Baldwin County Drug Task Force (Alabama)
Barbour / Bullock County Drug Task Force (Alabama)
Bedford County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)
Berkshire County Drug Task Force (Massachusetts)
Blair County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)
Boulder County Drug Task Force (Colorado)
Brown County Drug Task Force (Wisconsin)
Bullitt County Drug Task Force (Kentucky)

BCI - Bureau of Criminal Identification
Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation
Bureau of Criminal Investigation

BCNTF - Bergen County Narcotic Task Force (New Jersey)
Burke County Narcotics Task Force (North Carolina)

BCTF - Border Corruption Task Force (San Diego, California)
Buffalo Cyber Task Force (New York)

BCU - Basic Command Unit

BCVGTF - Bucks County Violent Gang Task Force (Pennsylvania)

BDTF - Bootheel Drug Task Force (Pemiscot County, Missouri)

BDU - Bomb Disposal Unit

BENT - Blue Mountain Enforcement Narcotics Team (Oregon)

BEST - Border Enforcement Security Task Force

BEU - Bicycle Enforcement Unit
Boating Enforcement Unit

BFAI - Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigations (Florida)

BFU - Bunco Forgery Unit (Huntington Beach, California)

BG-WC Drug Task Force - Bowling Green-Warren County Drug Task Force (Kentucky)

BII - Bureau of Investigation and Intelligence (California)

BINTF - Butte Interagency Narcotics Task Force (Butte County, California)

BIT - Border Interdiction Team (California)
Borough Intelligence Team (New York)

BLSF - Blue Lightning Strike Force

Blue CRUSH - Crime Reduction Utilizing Statistical History (Memphis, Tennessee)

BMFEA - Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse (California)

BNE - Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement (California)

BMRDTF - Big Muddy River Drug Task Force (Montana)

BNET - Blythe Narcotics Enforcement Team (Blythe, California)

BORCAP - Border Patrol Criminal Alien Program -- Also known as the Border Patrol Criminal Alien Apprehension Program.

BORSTAR - Border Patrol Search, Trauma and Rescue (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

BORTAC - U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Unit

BRAT - Bank Robbery Apprehension Team (Orange County, California)
Burglary and Robbery Apprehension Team

BRDTF - Bear River Drug Task Force (Malad City, Idaho)
Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force (Minnesota)

BRTF - Bank Robbery Task Force

BSHNT - Barricaded Subject Hostage Negotiation Team (Berkeley, California)

BSSSTF - Big Sky Safe Streets Task Force (Montana)

BSTTF - Blackfeet Safe Trails Task Force (Montana)

BURN Task Force - Butler County Undercover Regional Narcotics Task Force (Ohio)

BUSTED - Bradford, Union, Starke Task Force to Eradicate Drugs (Northern Florida)

BVNTF - Brazos Valley Narcotics Task Force (Texas)

BWDTF - Boundary Waters Drug Task Force (Northeast Minnesota)

CACU - Crimes Against Children Unit

CADTF - Central Arkansas Drug Task Force

CAGE - Chattanooga Area Gang Enforcement (Tennessee)
Criminal Apprehension and Gang Enforcement (California, and Georgia)

CAI - Child Abuse Investigations

CAIT - Child Abuse Investigation Team

Cal-MMET - California Multi-Jurisdictional Methamphetamine Enforcement Team

CAMP - Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (California)

CANDO - Compact for Apprehension of Narcotics Dealers and Offenders (Nebraska)

CANE - Combined Agencies for Narcotics Enforcement (Montgomery County, Ohio)

CAP - Crimes Against Persons Unit

CARD - Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Teams (FBI)

CARFTF - Capital Area Regional Fugitive Task Force (U.S. Marshals)

Cargo CATs - Cargo Criminal Apprehension Team (California)

CARRT - Child at Risk Response Team

CART - Child Abduction Response Team
Child Abuse Response Team
Combined Agency Response Team
Combined Area Response Team
Community Action Response Team
Computer Analysis and Response Team
Critical Accident Response Team

CASA Unit - Child Abuse / Sexual Assault Unit

CAT - Catch Auto Thieves Team
Catching Auto Thieves
Combat Auto Theft
Community Action Team
Counter Assault Team
Criminal Apprehension Team
Crisis Action Team

CAT Team - Combined Anti-drug Task Force (Louisiana)

CATCH - Computer and Technology Crime High-Tech Response Team -- They are also known as CATCH-ID. (California)

CATCH 22 - 22nd Judicial District Drug Task Force (Colorado)

CATF - Child Abduction Task Force, or Child Abuse Task Force

CATFHT - Clearwater Area Task Force on Human Trafficking -- Also known as the Clearwater Area Task Force against Human Trafficking. (Florida)

CATPA - Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority

CATS - Central Auto Theft Section
Cut Auto Theft Statistics Unit (Detroit, Michigan)

CATT - Crime and Traffic Team
Crime Area Target Team (Wheat Ridge, Colorado)

CATU - Computer Analysis and Technology Unit

CAU - Child Abduction Unit (California)
Child Abuse Unit
Computer Analysis Unit
Crime Analysis Unit

CBAG - California Border Alliance Group

CBP - U.S. Customs and Border Protection

CBSRT - Central Bucks Special Response Team (Southeastern Pennsylvania)

CBTF - Caddo/Bossier Drug Task Force (Shreveport, Louisiana)

CCAT - Career Criminal Apprehension Team

CCATF - Centre County Alcohol Task Force (Pennsylvania)

CCATT - Career Criminal Auto Theft Team

CCCNET - Central Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Team (California)

CCDET - Cass County Drug Enforcement Team (Michigan)

CCDTF - Calhoun / Cleburne Drug and Violent Crime Task Force (Alabama)
Calhoun County Drug Task Force
Cambria County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)
Cape Cod Drug Task Force (Massachusetts)
Caroline County Drug Task Force (Maryland)
Carter County Drug Task Force (Kentucky)
Cecil County Drug Task Force (Maryland)
Centre County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)
Clay County Drug Task Force (Missouri)
Colbert County Drug Task Force (Alabama)
Columbiana County Drug Task Force (Ohio)
Cortland County Drug Task Force (New York)
Cowley County Drug Task Force (Kansas)
Crawford County Drug Task Force (Kansas)
Cumberland County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)

CCDU - Clermont County Drug Unit -- Also known as the Clermont County Drug Task Force. (Ohio)

CCGTF - Clark County Gang Task Force (Nevada)

CCIS - Clay County Investigative Squad (Missouri)

CCIT - Community Crime Impact Team (St. Cloud, Minnesota)

CCITF - Clackamas County Inter-agency Task Force (Oregon)

CCMNTF - Chaves County Metro Narcotics Task Force (New Mexico)
Comal County Metro Narcotics Task Force (Texas)

CCNU - Chattooga County Narcotics Unit (Georgia)
Cherokee County Narcotics Unit (Georgia)
City/County Narcotics Unit (Canyon County, Idaho; Palo Pinto County, Texas; and Yakima, Washington)
Clayton County Narcotics Unit (Georgia)
Clermont County Narcotics Unit (Ohio)

CCSERT - Contaminated Crime Scene Emergency Response Team (New York)

CCSIU - City-County Special Investigations Unit (Billings, Montana)

CCTF - Computer Crime Task Force, or Cyber Crime Task Force

CCU - Career Criminal Unit
Computer Crimes Unit
Crowd Control Unit
Cyber Crime Unit

CDDTF - Central Delta Drug Task Force (Mississippi)

CDITF - Child Death Investigation Task Force

CDSSTF - Capital District Safe Streets Task Force (Albany, New York)

CDTF - Child Death Task Force
Counter-Drug Task Force

CDVTF - Covington Domestic Violence Task Force (Washington)

CECAT - Community Effort to Combat Auto Theft (California)

CECTF - Chicago Electronic Crimes Task Force (Illinois)

CEE-VI - Cooperative Enforcement Effort Drug Task Force -- VI is a Roman numeral that represents the six Minnesota counties that initially comprised the task force.

CENT - Columbia Enforcement Narcotics Team (Columbia County, Oregon)

CERT - Community Emergency Response Team
Computer Emergency Readiness Team
Computer Emergency Response Team
Correctional Emergency Response Team
Cumberland Emergency Response Team (Cumberland, Maryland)

CEU - Child Exploitation Unit
City Enforcement Unit
Civil Enforcement Unit
Code Enforcement Unit
Commercial Enforcement Unit
Community Enforcement Unit
Compliance Enforcement Unit
Crime Enforcement Unit
Criminal Enforcement Unit

CFHIDTA - Central Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

CFU - Computer Forensics Unit

CGHG - Criminal Gang Homicide Group (Los Angeles, California)

CGCDTF - Calhoun-Gordon County Drug Task Force (Georgia)

CGIS - Coast Guard Investigative Service

CHARGE - Combined Harrisonburg and Rockingham Gang Enforcement Unit (Virginia)

CHART - Coordinated Highways Action Response Team (Maryland)
Critical Highway Accident Response Team (Kansas)

CHIEF - Combined Hotel Interdiction Enforcement Team

CHTF - Child Homicide Task Force (Illinois)
Cowell Homicide Task Force (Washington)

CIB - Criminal Investigation Bureau

CICU - Central Illinois Cybercrime Unit
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Coronary Intensive Care Unit

CID - Central Investigations Division
Criminal Investigation Department
Criminal Investigation Division

CIEG - Central Illinois Enforcement Group

CIOG - Critical Incident Operations Group

CIRG - Critical Incident Response Group

CIRGV - Community Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence (Dayton, Ohio)

CIRT - Combined Investigations Response Team
Combined Investigative Response Team
Computer Incident Response Team
Crisis Intervention Response Team
Critical Incident Response Team

CIT - Campus Intervention Team
Community Intervention Team
Conflict Intervention Team
Coroner's Investigation Team
Crime Impact Team
Crime Investigation Team
Crisis Intervention Team
Critical Incident Team
Critical Intervention Team
Crowd Intervention Team

CITF - Criminal Investigation Task Force (Department of Defense)
Critical Incident Task Force

CITSTF - Central Iowa Traffic Safety Task Force

CIU - Casino Investigations Unit
Central Identification Unit
Collision Investigations Unit
Community Impact Unit
Community Intelligence Unit
Complaint Investigations Unit
Confidential Intelligence Unit
Confidential Investigations Unit
Coroner's Investigation Unit
Corrections Investigative Unit
Crime Interdiction Unit
Crime Intervention Unit
Criminal Impact Unit (Fort Collins, Colorado)
Criminal Information Unit
Criminal Intelligence Unit
Criminal Interdiction Unit
Criminal Investigations Unit
Crisis Intervention Unit
Critical Incident Unit
Cyber Investigations Unit

CKADTF - Central Kentucky Area Drug Task Force

CLE - Clandestine Lab Enforcement
Criminal Law Enforcement

CLEAN - Community and Law Enforcement Against Narcotics

CLEO - Criminal Law Enforcement Online

CLEP - Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Program

CLERT - Clandestine Lab Emergency Response Team

CLET - Clandestine Lab Enforcement Team

CLEU - Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Unit

CLRT - Clandestine Laboratory Response Team

CMANS - Cherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad (Georgia)

CMDGTF - Central Minnesota Drug and Gang Task Force -- Later known as the Central Minnesota Violent Offenders Task Force.

CMDTF - Central Montana Drug Task Force

CMECTF - Charlotte Metro Electronic Crimes Task Force (North Carolina)

CMERT - Ches-Mont Emergency Response Team (Pennsylvania)

CMET - Central Michigan Enforcement Team

CMU - Crisis Management Unit

CMVCTF - Central Maine Violent Crimes Task Force

CNA - Counter Narcotics Alliance (Arizona)

CNET - Clarion Narcotics Enforcement Team (Pennsylvania)
Coastal Narcotics Enforcement Team (Mississippi)
Community Narcotics Enforcement Team Drug Task Force
Contra Costa Narcotics Enforcement Team (California)
Crime Network -- Often appears as "cNET."
Cullman Narcotics Enforcement Team (Alabama)
Customs and Narcotics Enforcement Team

CNEU - Calaveras Narcotics Enforcement Unit (Calaveras County, California)

CNG CDTF - California National Guard Counterdrug Task Force

CNMI Task Force - Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Task Force -- Also known as the DEA/CNMI Task Force.

CNS - Counter Narcotics Squad

CNT - Canine Narcotics Team
Counter Narcotics Team
Crisis Negotiation Team

CNTF - County Narcotics Task Force

CNU - Canine Narcotics Unit
Consolidated Narcotics Unit
Counter Narcotics Unit
Crisis Negotiation Unit

COBRA - Career Offender Burglary and Robbery Apprehension team
Chemical, Ordinance, Biological and Radiological Awareness Task Force
County of Orange Boiler Room Apprehension Task Force (Orange County, California)

COCTF - Colorado Organized Crime Task Force

CODE - Central Ohio Drug Enforcement Task Force -- a.k.a. CODE TF
Central Oregon Drug Enforcement Team
Cooperative Operation for Drug Enforcement (Nebraska)

COMET - Combined Ozarks Multi-Jurisdictional Enforcement Team (Missouri)
County of Macomb Enforcement Team (Michigan)

COMMET - County of Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team (California)

COMNET - Community Oriented Multiple Agency Narcotics Enforcement Team

COP - Citizens On Patrol -- C.O.P. members are trained to act as extra eyes and ears for local police departments. These private citizens are volunteers that actively assist law enforcement in their communities.

COP Team - Community Outreach Program Team (California)

COPCRU - Community Oriented Policing Crime Reduction Unit (Wayne, Michigan)

COPE - Citizen-Oriented Police Enforcement
Community Oriented Police Enforcement
Coordination of Probation Enforcement Unit (Marin County, California)

CPAT - California Parole Apprehension Team
Child Predator Apprehension Team
Combined Police Assistance Team
Cooperative Police Assistance Team

CPCCU - Child Predator Cybercrimes Unit (West Virginia)

CP/CSE - Child Pornography/Child Sexual Exploitation Investigations

CPGU - Crime Prevention and Gang Unit (Madison, Wisconsin)

CRASH - Central Minnesota Reduction of Accidents for Safe Highways
Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (Los Angeles, California)

CRCPTF - California Rural Crime Prevention Task Force
Capital Region Cyber Predator Task Force (Albany, New York)

CRDTF - Cache/Rich Drug Task Force (Utah)
Columbia River Drug Task Force (Washington)

CRT - Combined Response Team
Community Response Team
Core Response Team
Crash Reconstruction Team
Crash Response Team
Crime Reduction Team
Crime Response Team
Crisis Reaction Team
Crisis Resolution Team
Crisis Response Team
Critical Response Team
Custody Response Team (Solano County, California)

CRTF - Crime Reduction Task Force

CRU - Child Recovery Unit
Collision Reconstruction Unit
Community Relations Unit
Community Response Unit
Crash Reduction Unit
Crime Reduction Unit
Crime Response Unit
Crisis Response Unit

CSAFE - Collaborative Supervision and Focused Enforcement

CSD - Crime Suppression Division (Escondido, California)

CSDTF - Clark-Skamania Drug Task Force (Southwest Washington)

CSFTF - Crescent Star Fugitive Task Force (Louisiana)

C-SORT - Child Sexual Offender Registration and Tracking

CSRS - Crime Scene Response Section

CSRT - Crime Scene Response Team

CSSU - Crime Scene Search Unit

CSU - Crime Scene Unit
Crime Suppression Unit
Criminal Suppression Unit

CT Watch - Counterterrorism Watch (FBI)

CTCIB - Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Intelligence Bureau (Los Angeles, California)

CTEU - Colorado Tobacco Enforcement Unit
Commercial Truck Enforcement Unit
Counter-Terrorism Enforcement Unit

CTF - Combined Task Force

C3I - County Combined Criminal Investigation Unit (Allegany County, Maryland)

CTIP - Cargo Theft Interdiction Program (California)

CTRP - Child Trafficking Resource Project

CTRT - Counter-Terrorism Response Team
Crime Trend Response Team

CTTF - Cargo Theft Task Force
Chicago Terrorist Task Force (Illinois)
Copper Theft Task Force
Counter-Terrorism Task Force

CUFFED - Cops United Felony Fugitive Enforcement Division (West Virginia)

CUNTF - Central Utah Narcotics Task Force (Utah)

CVaCC - Central Virginia Computer Crimes Task Force

CVC HIDTA - Central Valley California High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

CVCFTF - Connecticut Violent Crimes Fugitive Task Force (U.S. Marshals)

CVEU - Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit

CVGIT - Central Valley Gang Impact Task Force (California)

CVGTF - Coachella Valley Gang Task Force (California)

CVJFTF - Central Valley Joint Fugitive Task Force (California)

CVMET - Central Valley Marijuana Enforcement Team (California)

CVMIT - Central Valley Marijuana Investigation Team (California)

CVNTF - Coachella Valley Narcotics Task Force (California)

CWNTF - Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Narcotics Task Force (Southwest Washington)

CYGS - Community Youth Gang Services

DAG - Drug and Gang Unit

DANET - District Attorney's Narcotic Enforcement Team (Pennsylvania)

DARE - Drug Abuse Resistance Education

DART - Dangerous Assessment Response Team
DEA Action Response Team
Digital Analysis Response Team
Direct Action Response Team
District Attorney Response Team
Domestic Abuse Response Team
Domestic Assault Response Team
Drug Abatement Response Team
Drug Action Response Team
Drug Abuse Reduction Task Force (Ohio)
Drug Abuse Resistance Task Force
Drug Activity Response Team

DATF - Domestic Abuse Task Force
Drug Abatement Task Force
Drug and Alcohol Task Force

DCART - Dauphin County Accident Reconstruction Team (Pennsylvania)

DCDTF - Dakota County Drug Task Force (Minnesota)
Darke County Drug Task Force (Ohio)
Dauphin County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)
Dutchess County Drug Task Force (New York)

DCE/SP - Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program (DEA)

DCIU - Delayed Crimes Investigations Unit (Tampa, Florida)

DCMTF - Douglas County Meth Task Force (Georgia)

DCNGTF - Dane County Narcotics and Gang Task Force -- They're also known by the acronym DCNAGTF. (Wisconsin)

DCSET - Douglas County Street Enforcement Team (Western Nevada)

DDTF - Dubuque Drug Task Force (Iowa)

DEA-MET - Drug Enforcement Administration's Mobile Enforcement Team

DEJVCFTF - Delaware Joint Violent Crime Fugitive Task Force

Delta RATT - Delta Regional Auto Theft Task Force -- They're also known as the Delta Regional Auto Theft Team. (San Joaquin County, California)

DESI - Drug Enforcement Special Investigation (Kentucky State Police)

DET - Directed Enforcement Team
Downtown Enforcement Team (California, Nevada, etc.)
Drug Enforcement Team

DEU - Downtown Enforcement Unit
Drug Enforcement Unit

DFAT - Detroit Fugitive Apprehension Team (Michigan)

DFS - Department of Forensic Science

DFW FAST - Dallas / Ft. Worth - Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team (Texas)

DHET - Domestic Highway Enforcement Team (Kansas)

DHS - Department of Homeland Security

DICE - Drug Interdiction Crime Enforcement
Drug Interdiction Criminal Enforcement

DINT - Douglas Interagency Narcotics Team (Oregon)

DJJ - Department of Juvenile Justice

DLEAs - Drug Law Enforcement Agencies

DMCTF - Detroit Major Crimes Task Force (Michigan)
Drug and Major Crimes Task Force
DuPage County Major Crimes Task Force (Illinois)

DOJCERT - Department of Justice Computer Emergency Response Team

DOVE - Domestic Violence Enforcement Unit (Missouri)

DPU - Dignitary Protection Unit, or Directed Patrol Unit

DRANO - Downriver Area Narcotics Organization (Michigan)

DRATT - Downriver Auto Theft Team (Michigan)

DRT - Detention Response Team
Direct Response Team
Disorder Response Team
District Response Team
Dive Rescue Team
Drug Response Team

DSCA - Defense Security Cooperation Agency

DSPTF - Domestic Security Preparedness Task Force (New Jersey)

DSTF - Domestic Security Task Force

DTF - Drug Task Force

DTIU - Digital Technology Investigations Unit (New Jersey)

DTU - Delaware Tactical Unit
Detective Training Unit
Digital Technology Unit
Division Training Unit
Divisional Tactical Unit
Drug Tactical Unit

DVERT - Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team
Domestic Violence Enforcement Response Team

DVGTF - Detroit Violent Gang Task Force (Michigan)

DVRU - Domestic Violence Reduction Unit

DVTF - Domestic Violence Task Force

DWITF - Driving While Intoxicated Task Force

EACP - Essex County Anti-Crime Partnership (New Jersey)

EAGLE - Erie Area Gang Law Enforcement Task Force (Pennsylvania)
Export and Anti-proliferation Global Law Enforcement Task Force

EASET - East Area Special Enforcement Team (Kern County, California)

EATF - Elder Abuse Task Force

EAU - Elder Abuse Unit

ECAP - Endangered Child Alert Program

ECDTF - East Central Drug Task Force (Georgia, and Missouri)
Essex County Drug Task Force (Massachusetts, and New York)

ECGTF - East County Gang Task Force
Elm Creek Gang Task Force (Nebraska)

ECPAT - End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes

ECPDTF - Eastern Colorado Plains Drug Task Force

ECRGTF - East County Regional Gang Task Force (San Diego County, California)

ECTF - East Central Task Force (East Central Pennsylvania Regional Task Force)
Electronic Crimes Task Force -- They're also known by the acronym USSS ECTF. (U.S. Secret Service)

ECU - Economic Crimes Unit
Evidence Control Unit
Exploited Child Unit (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

EDGE - Eastside Departments Group Enforcement (Ohio)
Enhanced Drug and Gang Enforcement (Arizona)

EDMI - Eastern District Meth Initiative (Texas)

EDPRT - Emotionally Disturbed Persons Response Team

EDT - Explosive Device Team

EEDTF - East End Drug Task Force (Suffolk County, Long Island, New York)

EMCU - Exploited and Missing Child Unit

EMDTF - East Mississippi Drug Task Force

EMGET - East Metro Gang Enforcement Team
East Multnomah Gang Enforcement Team

EMVCTF - Eastern Maine Violent Crime Task Force

ENNTF - Eastern Nevada Narcotics Task Force (Nevada)

ENTF - Eastside Narcotics Task Force (Washington)

EOCU - Eurasian Organized Crime Unit

EOU - Emergency Operations Unit

EPDVCTF - Eastern Panhandle Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force (West Virginia)

EPIC - El Paso Intelligence Center (Texas)

EPU - Elder Protection Unit
Emergency Planning Unit
Emergency Preparedness Unit
Evidence and Property Unit
Evidence Processing Unit
Executive Protection Unit

ERT - Emergency Response Team
Evidence Response Team (FBI)
Explosives Response Team

ERU - Emergency Response Unit

ESU - Electronic Support Unit, or Emergency Services Unit

ETATTF - East Texas Auto Theft Task Force

ETF - Emergency Task Force

EVCDTF - Evansville-Vanderburgh County Drug Task Force (Indiana)

EVNTF - East Volusia Narcotics Task Force (Florida)

EVSET - East Valley Street Enforcement Team (Redlands, San Bernardino County, California)

EWFTF - Eastern Washington Fugitive Task Force (Eastern Washington State)

FADE Task Force - FIVCO Area Drug Enforcement Task Force (FIVCO = "Five County" area of Northeastern Kentucky)

FAIT - Fatal Accident Investigation Team
Fatality Accident Investigation Team

FANG - Flint Area Narcotics Group (Michigan)

FAST - Field Action Specialty Team
Foothill Air Support Team (San Gabriel Valley, California)
Foreign-deployed Advisory Support Team (DEA)
Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team

FATF - Financial Action Task Force

FAU - False Alarm reduction Unit
False Alarm Unit
Felony Assault Unit
Fugitive Apprehension Unit

FBCNTF - Fort Bend County Narcotics Task Force (Ft. Bend County, Texas)

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI/CNMI Task Force - Federal Bureau of Investigation / Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Task Force

FCBI - Frederick County Bureau of Investigations (Maryland)

FCDTF - Franklin County Drug Task Force (Kansas, Pennsylvania, etc.)

FCNEU - Franklin County Narcotics Enforcement Unit (Missouri)

FCTF - Financial Crimes Task Force

FEAR - Foreign Export and Recovery Task Force (California)
Forensic Evidence Auto Recovery (Dallas, Texas)

FET - Field Evidence Team
Fireworks Enforcement Team
Forensic Evidence Team

FFIT - Financial Fraud and Identity Theft Task Force

FHMCU - Fairfield-Hocking Major Crimes Unit (Ohio)

FIAT - Felony Investigative Assistance Team (DuPage County, Illinois)

FIG - Field Intelligence Group

FinCEN - Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

FIRST - Financial Institution Robbery Support Team
Forensic Intervention Response and Support Team
Forensic Investigative Response and Support Team

FIRT - Fatal Incident Review Team (Delaware)

FIST - Forensic Investigative Support Team
Fugitive Investigation Strike Team
Nevada Fugitive Investigative Strike Team -- They're also known by the acronyms NV-FIST and occasionally NFIST.

FIT - Financial Investigation Team (DEA)
Force Investigations Team
Fraud and Identity Theft Task Force

FITE - Fraud and Identity Theft Enforcement Team

FITF - Fire Investigation Task Force

FIU - Felony Investigations Unit
Field Investigation Unit
Financial crimes Investigation Unit
Financial Investigation Unit
Firearms Investigation Unit
Force Investigation Unit
Forensic Identification Unit
Forensic Investigation Unit
Fraud Investigations Unit

FLAG - Fugitive Location and Apprehension Group (Colorado)

FLDTF - Finger Lakes Drug Task Force (New York)

FMTF - Fresno Methamphetamine Task Force (California)

FOP - Fraternal Order of Police

FOT - Fugitive Operations Team

FPS - Federal Protective Service

FPU - Family Protection Unit

FRFTF - Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force

FRTF - Front Range Task Force (Colorado)

FSET - Foothill Special Enforcement Team (California)

FTF - Felony Task Force
Firearms' Task Force
Fugitive Task Force

FTTTF - Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force

FWET - Fugitive Warrant Enforcement Team (Riverside County, California)

FWU - Felony Warrant Unit, or Fugitive Warrants Unit

GACDTF - Gainesville-Alachua County Drug Task (Florida)

GANET - Gang and Narcotics Enforcement Team

GangTECC - National Gang Targeting, Enforcement and Coordination Center

GBNET - Glynn Brunswick Narcotics Enforcement Team (Georgia)

GCNTF - Galveston County Narcotics Task Force (Texas)
Gila County Narcotics Task Force (Arizona)

GCRFTF - Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force (U.S. Marshals)

GCSP - Gang Crime Suppression Program

GCTF - Gulf Coast Task Force

GCVOTF - Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force (U.S. Marshals)

GDT - Gang and Drug Team
Gang Diversion Team (Los Angeles County, California)

GDTF - Gang and Drug Task Force

GDVTF - Goldendale Domestic Violence Task Force (Washington)

GET - Gang Enforcement Team

GGNTF - Gangs, Guns and Narcotics Task Force (New Jersey)

GGTF - Gilroy Gang Task Force (Gilroy, California)

GHOST - Gang and Habitual Offender Strike Team (Florida)
Graffiti Habitual Offenders Suppression Team (Los Angeles, California)

GHSTF - Georgia Homeland Security Task Force

GIANT - Gogebic-Iron County Anti-Narcotics Team (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

GIFT - Greater Idaho Fugitive Task Force (U.S. Marshals)

GIITEM - Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission (Arizona)

GIT - Gang Impact Team

GIU - Gang Identification Unit
Gang Intelligence Unit
Gang Intervention Unit
Gang Investigations Unit
General Investigations Unit
General Investigative Unit
Gun Investigation Unit (New York)

GLDTF - Grand Lake Drug Task Force -- They're also known as the Auglaize / Mercer County Grand Lake Drug Task Force. (Ohio)

GLINTF - Glenn Interagency Narcotics Task Force (Glenn County, California)

GLLU - Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit (Washington, D.C.)

GLRFTF - Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force (U.S. Marshals)

GLTF - Grand Lake Task Force (Ohio)

GMTF - Governor's Methamphetamine Task Force

GNESA - Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault

GNET - Gang/Narcotics Enforcement Team (California)

GPAG - Gang Prevention Action Group

GPS FFIT - Greater Puget Sound Financial Fraud and Identity Theft Task Force (Washington)

GPSSTF - Greater Pittsburgh Safe Streets Task Force (Pennsylvania)

GRAD - Gang Renouncement and Disassociation

GRADE - Gang Resistance and Drug Education (Florida)

GRAMNET - Greater Routt and Moffat Narcotics Enforcement Team (Northwest Colorado) -- Also known as the All Crimes Enforcement Team.

GRANET - Greater Rochester Area Narcotics Enforcement Team (New York)

GRATS - Gang-Related Active Trafficker Suppression

GREAT - Gang Reporting, Evaluation and Tracking
Gang Resistance Education And Training

GRIP - Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership (Orange County, California)
Gang Resistance Is Paramount

GRIPE - Gang Reduction through Intervention, Prevention, and Education

GRIT - Gang Response Intervention Team
Gang Response Investigative Team
Gary Response Investigative Team (Gary, Indiana)

GRIT-T - Gang Response Investigation Team - Tippecanoe (Indiana)

GROC - Gang-Rock County Task Force (Wisconsin)

GRP - Gang Reduction Program

GRU - Gang Reduction Unit

GRYD - Gang Reduction and Youth Development (Los Angeles, California)

GSET - Gang Suppression Enforcement Team (California)

GSU - Gang Suppression Unit

GTF - Gang Task Force, or Graffiti Task Force

GTU - Gang Tactical Unit (Chicago, Illinois)

GVRP - Gang Violence Reduction Project

GVRT - Gang Violence Response Team (Oregon)

GVSP - Gang Violence Suppression Program (California)

GVSU - Gang Violence Suppression Unit

GVTF - Gang Violence Task Force
Gun Violence Task Force

HALT - Health Authority Law Enforcement Task Force (Los Angeles County, California)

HART - Hazard Assessment Response Team
Homicide / Assault Response Team

HBT - Hostage / Barricade Terrorist Team, or Hostage, Barricade and Terrorism Unit

HBTF - Home Burglary Task Force
Hostage / Barricade Task Force

HCCU - Homicide Cold Case Unit

HCDTF - Hamilton County Drug Task Force (Florida, Indiana, Ohio, etc.)
Hardin County Drug Task Force
Henry County Drug Task Force (Indiana)
Humboldt County Drug Task Force (California)

HCSSTF - Houston Coastal Safe Streets Task Force (Texas)

HCTF - Hate Crimes Task Force (New York)
High-tech Crimes Task Force

HCVOTF - Hennepin County Violent Offender Task Force (Minnesota)

HDT - Hazardous Device Team (Riverside County, California)

HDU - Hazardous Devices Unit -- Better known as the "bomb squad."

HEAT - Hard Entry And Tactics (Hyattsville, Maryland)
Hazardous Evidence Analysis Team
Help Eliminate Auto Theft
Fresno Help Eliminate Auto Theft Task Force (California)
Help End Auto Theft (San Antonio, Texas)
HIDTA Enforcement Agencies Taskforce -- Later known as the Warrant Apprehension Network and Tactical Enforcement Detail. (Arizona)
High Enforcement Action Team
High Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic
High-risk Entry Apprehension Team
High-technology Evidence Analysis Team
Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic
Hotspot Enforcement Action Team (Oregon)
Hudson Enforcement Assistance Team (New York)

HEMP - Help Eliminate Marijuana Planting (Michigan)

HFTF - Hawaii Fugitive Task Force (U.S. Marshals)

HHTCU - Hawaii High Technology Crime Unit

HICACTF - Hawaii Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

HIDTA - High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

HIFCA - High Intensity Financial Crimes Area

HIKE - Home Invasion Kidnapping Enforcement (Phoenix, Arizona)

HIP - Heroin Impact Program (California)

HIT - HIDTA Interdiction Team
High Impact Team
Highway Interdiction Team
Homicide Investigation Team
Humboldt Interdiction Team (Humboldt County, Nevada)

HITF - Home Invasion Task Force

HIU - Home Invasion Unit
Homicide Investigation Unit

HMERT - Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team

HMLI - Houston Money Laundering Initiative (Texas)

HMRT - Hazardous Material Response Team

HMRU - Hazardous Material Response Unit

HMU - Hazardous Materials Unit
Horse Mounted Unit

HNT - Hostage Negotiation Team

HNU - Hostage Negotiations Unit

HPDTF - Haralson-Paulding Drug Task Force (Georgia)

HPFTF - High Plains Fugitive Task Force (North Dakota)

HPU - Harbor Patrol Unit

HRT - Hostage Rescue Team

HRU - High Risk Unit
Hostage Rescue Unit

HRWT - High Risk Warrant Team (Kansas)

HSTF - Homeland Security Task Force

HTCCT - High-Tech Computer Crime Task Force

HTCTF - High-Tech Crimes Task Force

HTCU - High Tech Crime Unit

HTF - Heroin Task Force
Holiday Task Force
Homicide Task Force

HTTF - Human Trafficking Task Force

HUNT - Huron Undercover Narcotics Team (Michigan)

IA - Internal Affairs

IBET - Integrated Border Enforcement Team

IBIT - Integrated Border Intelligence Team

ICAC - Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force -- They're also known by the acronym ICACTF.

ICAT - Intelligence Collection and Analysis Team

ICE - Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Inner-county Counterdrug Enforcement (Caldwell County, North Carolina)
Interstate Crime Enforcement
Interstate Criminal Enforcement
Isolating the Criminal Element

ICNTF - Imperial County Narcotic Task Force (California)

ICPO - International Criminal Police Organization -- Better known as INTERPOL.

ICTF - Identity Crimes Task Force
Intelligence Crime Task Force (Morris County, New Jersey)
Interagency Crime Task Force
Internet Crimes Task Force

IDFIT - Interagency Deadly Force Investigations Team

IDTF - Identity Theft Task Force -- They're also known by the acronym ITTF.
Illegal Dumping Task Force
Impaired Driving Task Force
Interagency Drug Task Force

IGET - Interagency Gang Enforcement Team

IGTF - Interagency Gang Task Force, or Inter-governmental Task Force on Drugs

IIETF - IAFIS Interface Evaluation Task Force (IAFIS = Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System)

IIMPACT - Illegal Immigration Prevention and Apprehension Co-op Team (Arizona)

IITF - Innocent Images Task Force

IIU - Innocent Images Unit
Interstate Interdiction Unit

ILEMP - Immigration Law Enforcement Monitoring Project

ILTF - Innocence Lost Task Force (To combat sex trafficking of children)

IMAGE Drug Task Force - Indiana Multi-Agency Group Enforcement Drug Task Force

IMPACT - Implementing Methods of Policing Against Crime Trends Team (North Carolina)

INCA - Inland Crackdown Allied Task Force (Southern California)

INCH - Inland Narcotics Clearinghouse (California)

INET - Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Team
Inyo Narcotics Enforcement Team (Inyo County, California)

INS - Immigration and Naturalization Service -- Later known as the USCIS.

INSA - Intelligence and National Security Alliance

INTERCEPT - Interagency Child Exploitation Prevention Team (Northwest Oregon)

INTERPOL - International Criminal Police Organization -- INTERPOL is the world's largest international police organization.

IOCCRA - Investigation on Organized Crime and Criminal Related Activities

IRASS - Illinois Regional Air Support Service

IRAT - Inland Regional Apprehension Team (Southern California)

IRNET - Inland Regional Narcotics Enforcement Team (California)

IRS-CID - Internal Revenue Service - Criminal Investigation Division

IRU - Incident Response Unit
Investigations and Review Unit
Investigative Review Unit

ISDC - Investigative Support and Deconfliction Center

ISU - Investigative Services Unit, or Investigative Support Unit

ITMO - Interstate Theft / Major Offenders Task Force

ITTF - Identity Theft Task Force, or Illinois Terrorism Task Force

IVSIT - Imperial Valley Street Interdiction Team (Southern California)

JACNET - Jackson County Narcotics Enforcement Team -- Later known as the Southern Oregon Tactical Narcotics Team (SOTNT). (Oregon)

JADE - Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement (Virginia)

JBRTF - Joint Bank Robbery Task Force (FBI / NYPD)

JCAT - Joint Criminal Apprehension Team (Utah)
Juvenile Crime Apprehension Team (Minnesota)

JCDTF - Jasper County Drug Task Force (Missouri)
Jefferson County Drug Task Force
Johnson County Drug Task Force

JCNTF - Jackson County Narcotics Task Force
Jefferson County Narcotics Task Force (Texas)
Joint Counter Narco-Terrorism Task Force

JET - Jackson Enforcement Team (Mississippi)
Joint Enforcement Team
Judicial Enforcement Team
Juvenile Enforcement Team

JETFTF - Joint East Texas Fugitive Task Force

JFTF - Joint Fugitive Task Force

JHI - Joint Homicide Investigations

JHITF - Joint Homicide Investigation Task Force

JIATF - Joint Interagency Task Force

JIST - Joint Incident Shooting Team

JITF-CT - Joint Intelligence Task Force-Combating Terrorism

JJGIU - Joint Juvenile Gang Intervention Unit (Austin, Texas)

JNET - Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team (Michigan)

JOINT - Josephine Interagency Narcotics Team (Oregon)

JORCTF - Joint Organized Retail Crime Task Force (retail loss prevention)

JPDDEU - Juneau Police Department Drug Enforcement Unit (Alaska)

JTFDS-CD - Joint Task Force Domestic Support - Counterdrug (California National Guard)

JTTF - Joint Terrorism Task Force

JUDGE - Jurisdictions United for Drug and Gang Enforcement (California)

JUSTICE - Joint Urban Strike Team Increasing Community Efforts

JVTF - Joint Vice Task Force (Kern County, California)

JWPTF - Jailhouse Witness Protection Task Force

KAMEG - Kankakee Area Metropolitan Enforcement Group (Illinois)

KANET - Kent Area Narcotics Enforcement Team (Michigan)

KANSU - Kennedy Airport Narcotics Smuggling Unit

KBI - Kanawha Bureau of Investigation (West Virginia)

KCAT - Kane County Auto Theft Task Force -- Later known as the Kane-Cook Auto Theft Task Force. (Illinois)

KCCCTF - Kansas City Career Criminal Task Force

KCDTF - Kosciusko County Drug Task Force (Indiana)

KCDVTF - Kitsap County Domestic Violence Task Force (Washington)

KCITF - Kansas City Interdiction Task Force

KCNTF - Kings County Narcotics Task Force -- They're more commonly known by the acronym NTF. (California)

KNET - Kern Narcotics Enforcement Team (Kern County, California)

KVET - Kalamazoo Valley Enforcement Team (Michigan)

LA CLEAR - Los Angeles Community Law Enforcement and Recovery and Gang Reduction Programs (California)

LA-HIDTA - Los Angeles High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

LA IMPACT - Los Angeles Interagency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Task Force (California)

LA RTTAC - Los Angeles Regional Terrorist Threat Assessment Center (California)

LADTF - Lakes Area Drug Task Force (Minnesota)

LAECTF - Los Angeles Electronic Crimes Task Force -- They're also known by the acronym LAXECTF. (California)

LAJDIG - Los Angeles Joint Drug Intelligence Group (California)

LANEG - Lake Area Narcotics Enforcement Group (Missouri)

LANET - Lakes Area Narcotic Enforcement Team (Michigan)

LAWNET - Livingston And Washtenaw Narcotics Enforcement Team (Michigan)

LCADTF - Lake Cumberland Area Drug Task Force (Kentucky)

LCATF - Lake County Arson Task Force (California)

LCCTF - Lake County Combined Task Force (Indiana)

LCDTF - Lake County Drug Task Force (Illinois, Indiana, Montana, Tennessee, etc.)
Larimer County Drug Task Force (Colorado)
Lauderdale County Drug Task Force (Alabama)
Lawrence County Drug Task Force (Alabama, and Ohio)
Lea County Drug Task Force (New Mexico)
Levy County Drug Task Force (Florida)
Lorain County Drug Task Force (Ohio)
Lowndes County Drug Task Force (Georgia)
Luzerne County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)
Lycoming County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)

LCMCTF - Lake County Major Crimes Task Force (Illinois)

LCMEG - Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group (Illinois)

LCMNU - Lafayette County Metro Narcotics Unit (Mississippi)

LCNA - Lake County Narcotics Agency (Ohio)

LCNTF - Lake County Narcotics Task Force (Northwest California)
Lassen County Narcotics Task Force (Northeast California)

LCNU - Lafayette County Narcotics Unit (Missouri)

LEACH Task Force - Law Enforcement Against Child Harm Task Force (Florida)

LEAD - Law Enforcement Against Drugs (Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Washington, etc.)

LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Pushers

LEAR - Law Enforcement Agency Response unit (ICE)

LEDET - Law Enforcement Detachment

LEDR - Law Enforcement Death Response Team (Wisconsin)

LEERRT - Law Enforcement Emergency Regional Response Team (San Juan, Texas)

LEGIT - Law Enforcement Gang Interdiction Task Force (Georgia)

LEIC - Law Enforcement Innovation Center (Tennessee)

LEIU - Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit

LEO - Law Enforcement Organizations

LEST - Law Enforcement Strike Team

LETPP - Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program

LEWG - Law Enforcement Working Group

LINE - Local Intensive Narcotics Enforcement (Pennsylvania)

LINT - Lincoln Interagency Narcotics Team (Oregon)

LMJCDTF - Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force (Georgia)

LPDTF - Lafourche Parish Drug Task Force (Louisiana)

LPNET - Lincoln Parish Narcotics Enforcement Team (Louisiana)

LPO - Leadership in Police Organizations

LPTF - Loss Prevention Task Force

LPU - Loss Prevention Unit

LSDGTF - Lake Superior Drug and Gang Task Force (Minnesota and Wisconsin)

LSFTF - Lone Star Fugitive Task Force (Texas)

LVAGTF - Lehigh Valley Anti-Gang Task Force (Pennsylvania)

LVSSGTF - Las Vegas Safe Streets Gang Task Force (Nevada)

LWAM - Lake Winnebago Area Metropolitan Enforcement Group -- They are also known as the MEG Unit. (Wisconsin)

MACE - Macomb Area Computer Enforcement (Michigan)
Maricopa Anti-Corruption Enforcement Unit (Arizona)
Multi-Agency Crack Enforcement (Southeastern Georgia)
Multi-Agency Criminal Enforcement Unit (Indian River County, Florida)

MADCAT - Multi-Agency Detail for Commercial Auto Theft (California)

MADET - Multi-Agency Drug Enforcement Team

MADGE - Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement Team (Oregon)

MADGET - Madera County Gang Enforcement Team (California)

MADNET - Madera County Narcotic Enforcement Team (California)

MADTF - Mineral Area Drug Task Force (Missouri)
Multi-Agency Drug Task Force

MAFTF - Metro Area Fugitive Task Force (Lancaster County, Nebraska)

MAGEC - Multi-Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium (California)

MAGLOCLEN - Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network

MAGNET - Marion Area Gang and Narcotics Enforcement Team (Oregon)
Mid-Michigan Area Group Narcotics Enforcement Team
Mohave Area General Narcotics Enforcement Team (Arizona)

MAGSU - Multi-Agency Gang Suppression Unit

MAGTF - Multi-Agency Gang Task Force

MAIT - Major Accident Investigations Team
Multi-Agency Investigation Team
Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team

MAJIG - Metropolitan Atlanta Joint Intelligence Group (Georgia)

MAN Unit - Multi-Area Narcotics Unit -- They are also known as the Multi-Area Narcotics Task Force (Northwest Ohio)

MANS - Joliet Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad (Illinois)
Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad

MANTIS - Monroe Area Narcotics Team and Investigative Services -- Formerly known as the Office of Monroe Narcotics Investigations (Michigan)

MANU - Multi-Agency Narcotics Unit (North Carolina)

MARGIN - Mid-Atlantic Regional Gang Investigator's Network

MAST - Metro Arson Strike Team (San Diego, California)

MATCH - Metro Atlanta Child Exploitation Task Force (Georgia)

MATF - Metro Area Task Force, or Multi-Agency Task Force

MATForce - Methamphetamine Advisory Task Force (Arizona)

MATS - Macomb Auto Theft Squad (Michigan)

MATT - Metropolitan Auto Theft Task Force (Denver, Colorado)

MAVMIT - Mountain and Valley Marijuana Investigation Team -- They're also known by the acronym BNE MAVMIT (BNE = Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement). (Northern California)

MBI - Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation

MCAT - Major Case Assistance Team
Major Crash Assistance Team
Major Crime Assistance Team
Major Crimes Apprehension Team (Navajo County, Arizona)
Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Team

MCCTF - Maine Computer Crimes Task Force -- Later known as the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit.
Minnesota Cyber Crime Task Force

MCDEU - Marshall County Drug Enforcement Unit (Alabama)

MCDTF - Madison County Drug Task Force (Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Tennessee, etc.)
Marion County Drug Task Force (Alabama)
McKean County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)
Medina County Drug Task Force (Ohio)
Mifflin County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)
Monroe County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)
Montgomery County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania, and Virginia)
Morgan County Drug Task Force (Alabama)
Muscatine County Drug Task Force (Iowa)
Muskogee County Drug Task Force (Oklahoma)

MCFTF - Montgomery County Firearms Task Force (Maryland)

MCGTF - Mercer County Gang Task Force (New Jersey)

MCIU - Major Case Investigatives Unit
Major Crimes Investigative Unit

MCJGTF - Monterey County Joint Gang Task Force -- They're also known by the acronym GTF. (California)

MCMDU - Manitowoc County Metro Drug Unit (Wisconsin)

MCNEG - Multi-County Narcotics Enforcement Group (Illinois)

MCNNET - Maricopa County Neighborhood Narcotics Enforcement Team (Arizona)

MCRT - Major Case Response Team
Major Collision Response Team (Puyallup, Washington)
Major Crimes Response Team
Mobile Crisis Response Team

MCS - Major Case Squad

MCSENT - Mobile County Street Enforcement Narcotics Team (Alabama)

MCS OCU - Marietta/Cobb/Smyrna Organized Crime Unit (Georgia)

MCSOWST - Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Warrant Strike Team (Oregon)

MCTF - Major Crimes Task Force

MCTFT - Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training (Florida)

MCU - Major Crimes Unit
Methamphetamine Crime Unit
Metro Crime Unit

MDEA - Maine Drug Enforcement Administration

MD-HTTF - Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force

MDT - Mobile Deployment Team

MDTF - Municipal Drug Task Force

MEATTF - Metro East Auto Theft Task Force -- They're also known by the acronym MEATF. (Madison and St. Clair Counties, Illinois)

MECTF - Miami Electronic Crimes Task Force
Missing and Exploited Children Task Force

MEG - Metropolitan Enforcement Group

MEGLC - Metropolitan Enforcement Group of Lake County (Illinois)

MEGSI - Metropolitan Enforcement Group of Southwestern Illinois

MERGE - Mobile Emergency Response Group and Equipment (San Jose, California)

MERIT - Multi-Agency Enforcement Response Interdiction Team (Oregon)

MERT - Marijuana Eradication Resource Team
Marijuana Eradication Response Team
Maritime Emergency Response Team
Marshfield Emergency Response Team
Mercer Emergency Response Team
Mobile Emergency Response Team
Motorcycle Emergency Response Team
Municipal Emergency Response Team

MET - Major Enforcement Team
Marijuana Enforcement Team
Marijuana Eradication Team
Methamphetamine Enforcement Team
Metropolitan Enforcement Team
Mobile Enforcement Team
Motorcycle Enforcement Team
Mounted Enforcement Team
Multi-Enforcement Team
Multiple Enforcement Team

METRICH Enforcement Unit - Metro-Richland County Enforcement Unit -- They're occasionally referred to as the METRICH Drug Task Force or METRICH Drug Enforcement Unit. (Ohio)

METRO - San Joaquin Metropolitan Narcotics Task Force (California)

MFF - Mobilized Field Force

MGET - Metro Gang Enforcement Team

MGIP - Mesa Gang Intervention Program (Mesa, Arizona)

MGPI - Mayor's Gang Prevention Initiative (Fresno, California)

MGSF - Metro Gang Strike Force
Minnesota Gang Strike Force

MGTF - Metro Gang Task Force

MGU - Metro Gang Unit

MHISC - Midwest HIDTA Investigative Support Center

MHIT - Mountaineer Highway Interdiction Team

MIDTF - Mid-Iowa Drug Task Force

MINE TF - Mid-Iowa Narcotics Enforcement Task Force

MINT - Mid-Columbia Interagency Narcotics Task Force (Oregon)

MIOCR - Mentally Ill Offender Crime Reduction (California)

MIRT - Major Incident Response Team
Maritime Incident Response Team

MIU - Major Investigations Unit
Methamphetamine Investigation Unit
Metro Investigation Unit

MJDTF - Metro-Jefferson Drug Task Force (Jefferson County, New York)
Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force

MJTF - Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces

MLAR - Money Laundering and Asset Removal

MLFTF - Middle Louisiana Fugitive Task Force

MLTA - Money Laundering Threat Assessment

MLU - Mexican Liaison Unit (California)
Money Laundering Unit

MMCTF - Marin Major Crimes Task Force -- They're occasionally known as the Marin County Major Crimes Task Force (MCMCTF). (Marin County, California)
Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force (California)

MMDEG - Milwaukee Metropolitan Drug Enforcement Group (Wisconsin)

MMDTF - Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force

MMGTF - Merced Multi-Agency Gang Task Force (California)

MMIC Task Force - Mid-Missouri Internet Crimes Task Force -- They've also been known by the acronym MMICTF. They later changed their name to the Boone County Sheriff's Department Cyber Crimes Task Force. (Missouri)

MMNTF - Merced/Mariposa Narcotic Task Force (California)

MNET - Modesto Narcotics Enforcement Team (California)

MNJIS - Minnesota Justice Information Services

MNTF - Metro Narcotics Task Force, or Manhattan North Task Force (New York)

MNU - Metro Narcotics Unit

MOCIC - Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center

MOICAC - Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

MONET - Mono County Narcotics Enforcement Team (California)

MOSES - Metropolitan Organizing Strategies Enabling Strength (Michigan)

MoSMART - Missouri Sheriff's Methamphetamine Relief Taskforce (Missouri)

MPU - Missing Persons Unit, or Mounted Patrol Unit

MRDTF - Missouri River Drug Task Force (Montana)

MRNU - Metro Rochester Narcotics Unit (New York)

MRU - Manifest Review Unit (Customs)
Meth Response Unit
Mobile Response Unit

MRVDTF - Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force (Southern Minnesota)

MSFTF - Mid-South Fugitive Task Force (U.S. Marshals)
Mountain State Fugitive Task Force (West Virginia)

MSMTF - Michigan Speed Measurement Task Force

MSNTF - Mid-South Narcotics Task Force (Southwest Georgia)
Mid-State Narcotics Task Force (Connecticut, and Georgia)

MSP - Marijuana Suppression Program

MSP CCU - Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit -- Formerly the Maine Computer Crimes Task Force.

MSRT - Maritime Security Response Team (U.S. Coast Guard)

MSST - Maritime Safety and Security Team (U.S. Coast Guard)

MS-13 NGTF - MS-13 National Gang Task Force (FBI)

MTF - Methamphetamine Task Force

MTRGTF - Murrieta-Temecula Regional Gang Task Force (California)

MTTF - Major Theft Task Force
Manhattan Traffic Task Force (New York)
Middle Tennessee Task Force
Motorcycle Theft Task Force

MUSTANG - Mid-Missouri Unified Strike Team And Narcotics Group

MVCJTF - Mobile Violent Crime Joint Task Force (Alabama)

MVDTF - Mahoning Valley Drug Task Force (Ohio)

MVFTF - Motor Vehicle Fraud Task Force (Connecticut)

MVLETF - Mahoning Valley Law Enforcement Task Force (Northeast Ohio)

MVOTF - Montana Violent Offender Task Force (Montana)

MVTF - Minor Vice Task Force (Focusing on underage sex trafficking in South Florida)

MVVCTF - Mahoning Valley Violent Crimes Task Force (Ohio)

NACRATT - Northern Alameda County Regional Auto Theft Task Force (California)

NACU - Northwest Area Crime Unit (Northern Wisconsin)

NADGI - Native American Drug and Gang Initiative Task Force -- They're also known as the NADGI Tribal Task Force. (Wisconsin)

NADITF - Northeast Area Drug Interdiction Task Force (Texas)

NASSTF - Northeast Alabama Safe Streets Task Force

NCATF - National Church Arson Task Force

NCB - National Central Bureau -- USNCB is another acronym that also refers to the U.S. National Central Bureau of Interpol in Washington, D.C.

NCCS - National Computer Crime Squad

NCDTF - Niagara County Drug Task Force (New York)
Northern Colorado Drug Task Force
Northampton County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)

NCFCTF - Northern Colorado Financial Crimes Task Force

NCIJTF - National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force

NCIJTF-AG - National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force - Analytical Group

NCINTF - North Central Iowa Narcotics Task Force (Mason City, Iowa)

NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Service

NCNTF - Nevada County Narcotics Task Force (Nevada County, California)
North Central Narcotics Task Force (Illinois)

NCRGTF - North County Regional Gang Task Force (San Diego County, California)

NC RTTAC - Northern California Regional Terrorist Threat Assessment Center

NCTC - National Counterterrorism Center

NC3TF - Northern California Computer Crimes Task Force -- Formerly known as the High Technology Evidence Analysis Team (HEAT).

NCTNTF - North Central Texas Narcotics Task Force

NDBCI - North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation

NDIC - National Drug Intelligence Center

NDS - Northern Drug Squad

NDTF - Northeast Drug Task Force
Northwest Drug Task Force
Norwood Drug Task Force (Ohio)

NeFISC - Northeast Florida Investigative Support Center

NEHIDTA - New England High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

NET - Narcotics Enforcement Team
Neighborhood Enforcement Team

NET-5 - Yuba/Sutter Narcotic Enforcement Team (California)

NEU - Narcotics Enforcement Unit

NFVFTF - North Florida Violent Fugitive Task Force (U.S. Marshals)

NFU - National Firearms Unit

NIATF - Northern Illinois Auto Theft Task Force

NITRO - Narcotics Investigation and Trafficking of Recidivist Offenders Unit
Northwest Missouri Interagency Team Response Operation Task Force

NIVCTF - North Idaho Violent Crime Task Force

NJTTF - National Joint Terrorism Task Force

NKDSF - Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force

NLDEB - North Louisiana Drug Enforcement Bureau

NMDTF - North Metro Drug Task Force (Colorado)
North Missouri Drug Task Force
Northumberland-Montour Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)

NMGTF - National Major Gang Task Force
New Mexico Gang Task Force

NMJDTF - Natchitoches Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force (Louisiana)

NMNU - North Mississippi Narcotics Unit

NMTF - North Metro Task Force

NOGTF - New Orleans Gang Task Force (Louisiana)

NOLETF - Northern Ohio Law Enforcement Task Force

NORPAC - Norfolk County Police Anti-Crime Task Force (Massachusetts)

NORSAT - North Regional Surveillance and Apprehension Team (Los Angeles County, California)

NORSTAR - Norfolk County Special Tactics and Response Team (Massachusetts)

NOVA ICAC - Northern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

NOVCTF - Northern Oklahoma Violent Crimes Task Force

NOVFTF - Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force (U.S. Marshals)

NPSTDETF - Northern Plains Safe Trails Drug Enforcement Task Force

NPTRT - North Penn Tactical Response Team (Pennsylvania)

NRRDTF - New River Regional Drug Task Force (Virginia)

NRT - National Response Team
Negotiations Response Team
Neighborhood Response Team

NSIB - Napa Special Investigations Bureau (California)

NSMIT - North State Marijuana Investigation Team (Northern California)

NTAC - National Threat Assessment Center (U.S. Secret Service)

NTATTF - North Texas Auto Theft Task Force

NTF - Narcotics Task Force

NUCAT - Northern Utah Criminal Apprehension Team

NV FIST - Nevada Fugitive Investigative Strike Team

NVGTF - Northern Virginia Gang Task Force

NWDTF - Northwest Drug Task Force (Montana)

NWIMCTF - Northwest Indiana Major Crimes Task Force (Indiana)

NWL ICAC - Northwest Louisiana Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force -- They're occasionally known by the acronym NWLA-ICAC. (Louisiana)

NWOVCACTF - Northwest Ohio Violent Crimes Against Children Task Force

NWRDTF - Northwest Regional Drug Task Force (Washington)

NWVRDTF - Northwest Virginia Regional Drug Task Force

NYDETF - New York Drug Enforcement Task Force

NYECTF - New York Electronic Crimes Task Force

NYGSIP - National Youth Gang Suppression and Intervention Program

NY/NJ RFTF - New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force (U.S. Marshals)

NYS-BNE - New York State Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement

OCATT - Orange County Auto Theft Task Force (California)

OCCB - Organized Crime Control Bureau

OCD - Organized Crime Division

OCDETF - Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force

OCDTF - Oneida County Drug Task Force (New York)
Oswego County Drug Task Force (New York)
Ottawa County Drug Task Force (Ohio)

OCHTTF - Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force (California)

OCIB - Osceola County Investigative Bureau (Florida)

OCID - Organized Crime Investigation Division

OCIU - Organized Crime Intelligence Unit (Washington)

OCMTF - Orange County Methamphetamine Task Force (California)

OCN - Organized Crime Narcotics Trafficking Enforcement Program

OCNEU - Otero County Narcotics Enforcement Unit (New Mexico)

OCNTF - Oakland County Narcotics Task Force
Orange County Narcotics Task Force
Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force

OCS - Organized Crime Section

OCTF - Organized Crime Task Force

OCU - Organized Crime Unit

OCVGTF - Oakland County Violent Gangs Task Force (Michigan)

ODTF - Ocmulgee Drug Task Force (Georgia)
Oconee Drug Task Force (Georgia)

OGU - Organized Gang Unit (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

OHTTF - Oregon Human Trafficking Task Force

OHVEST - Off Highway Vehicle Enforcement Safety Team (Imperial County, California)

OJJDP - Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

OMNI - Office of Monroe Narcotics Investigations -- Later known as the Monroe Area Narcotics Team and Investigative Services (Michigan)

OPNET - Olympic Peninsula Narcotics Enforcement Team (Washington)

ORET - Off-Road Enforcement Team (California, Idaho, etc.)

OREU - Off-Road Enforcement Unit

ORVT - Off-Road Vehicle Team (Kern County, California)

OSIT - Organized Special Investigations Team

OSS - Office of Safety and Security, or Operation Safe Streets

OVI Task Force - Operating a Vehicle Impaired Task Force (OVI can also stand for Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated.)

PACE - Patrol Air Consolidated Enforcement (California Highway Patrol)
Pro-Active Community Enforcement
Pro-Active Crime Enforcement
Pro-Active Criminal Enforcement Team (Indiana, and Maryland)

PACT - Parole and Corrections Team
Police and Clergy Team
Police and Corrections Team

PACTACLET - Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Team (Coast Guard - San Diego, California)

PAINT - Portland Airport Interagency Narcotic Team (Oregon)

PA-SERTF - Pennsylvania Southeastern Regional Task Force

PBDTF - Paul Bunyan Drug Task Force -- Founded in 1988, this Northern Minnesota task force has, at various times, drawn law enforcement personnel from the Leech Lake, and White Earth Indian Reservations, Becker, Beltrami, Cass, Clearwater, Crow Wing, Hubbard, Koochiching, Lake of the Woods, Mahnomen, Ottertail, Pennington, Red Lake, and Roseau Counties, as well as the cities of Baudette, Bemidji, and Warroad.

PBDTF - Permian Basin Drug Task Force (Western Texas)

PCDTF - Porter County Drug Task Force (Indiana)

PCMEG - Platte County Multi-jurisdictional Enforcement Group (Missouri)

PCNTF - Pinal County Narcotics Task Force (Arizona)

PCTF - Property Crimes Task Force
Public Corruption Task Force

PCU - Parking Compliance Unit
Pattern Crime Unit (Colorado)
Penalty Collection Unit
Police Cyclist Unit
Property Crimes Unit
Public Corruption Unit

PCVCTF - Pierce County Violent Crime Task Force (Washington)

PDIU - Pharmaceutical Diversion Investigations Unit (Sarasota County, Florida)

PDTF - Pataula Drug Task Force -- They're occasionally known as the Pataula Judicial Circuit Drug Task Force. (Southeastern Georgia)

PERT - Police Emergency Response Team
Prison Emergency Response Team
Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (San Diego County, California)
Pueblo Emergency Response Team (Pueblo County, Colorado)

PEU - Parking Enforcement Unit
Penalty Enforcement Unit
Prostitution Enforcement Unit

PFPA - Pentagon Force Protection Agency

PIT - Parcel Interdiction Team, or Pimp Investigative Team

PNTF - Parkersburg Narcotics Task Force -- They're more commonly known as the Parkersburg Violent Crime and Narcotics Task Force. (West Virginia)
Pennyrile Narcotics Task Force (Western Kentucky)

PNWFAT - Pacific Northwest Fugitive Apprehension Task Force (Washington)

POINT - Polk Inter-agency Narcotics Team (Polk County, Oregon)

PORT - Problem Oriented Response Team

PPB CRU - Portland Police Bureau Crisis Response Unit

PPD - Presidential Protective Division

PRBNTF - Pearl River Basin Narcotics Task Force (Southern Mississippi)

PREDATOR - Proactive Rapid Enforcement Deterrence And Target-Oriented Response Task Force (Nye County, Nevada)

PRFTF - Puerto Rico Fugitive Task Force

ProAct - ProActive Methamphetamine Lab Investigation Team (California)

PSDU - Police Service Dog Unit (Kansas)

PSNET - Palm Springs Narcotic Enforcement Task Force -- Also known as the Palm Springs Narcotics Task Force. (California)

PSTF - Protective Security Task Force (Los Angeles, California)

PSWRFTF - Pacific Southwest Regional Fugitive Task Force (U.S. Marshals)

PTF - Pipeline Task Force

PTS - Priority Targeting Section

P2P DTF - Pine to Prairie Drug Task Force (Northwest Minnesota)

PVDTF - Pecos Valley Drug Task Force (Southeastern New Mexico)

PVVNTF - Palo Verde Valley Narcotics Task Force (Southeast California)

QADTF - Queen Anne's County Drug Task Force -- They're occasionally known by the acronym QACDTF. (Maryland)

QCDTF - Quad Cities Drug Task Force (Clarkston, and Pullman, Washington -- Lewiston, and Moscow, Idaho)

QCGTF - Quad Cities Gang Task Force (Iowa/Illinois)

QCMEG - Quad-Cities Metropolitan Enforcement Group (Illinois)

QRT - Quick Response Team

RACS - Regional Anti-Crime Squad (Broward County, Florida)

RACU - Regional Anti-Crime Unit

RADE - Rogue Area Drug Enforcement (Oregon)

RAGE - Regional Anti-Gang Enforcement Task Force
Regional Area Gang Enforcement (Maryland)

RAID - Rapid Assessment and Interdiction Detection
Rapid Assessment Initial Detection team
Regional Auto Theft Interdiction Detail
Riverside Auto Theft Interdiction Detail (California)
Rural Area Interdiction Detail Task Force

RANGE Task Force - Regional Agencies Narcotics and Gun Enforcement Task Force (Montgomery County, Ohio)

RAP - Rural Apprehension Program -- They are also known as the RAP Drug Task Force. (Nebraska)

RAT - Reduce Auto Theft Task Force
Robbery Apprehension Team

RATT - Reduce Auto Theft in Texas
San Diego Regional Auto Theft Task Force (California)

RATTF - Regional Auto Theft Task Force

RATTLER - Regional Auto Theft Team Law Enforcement Response -- They are also known as the Arizona Vehicle Theft Task Force. (Arizona)

RAVE - Recreation and Vessel Enforcement

RCAGTF - Rapid City Area Gang Task Force (South Dakota)

RC CCTF - Rockland County Sheriff's Computer Crime Task Force (New York)

RCDTF - Rensselaer County Drug Task Force (New York)
Rice County Drug Task Force (Minnesota)
Richland County Drug Task Force (Wisconsin)
Rogers County Drug Task Force (Oklahoma)

RCGTF - Richland County Gang Task Force (South Carolina)
Riverside County Gang Task Force (Southern California)

RCNET - Rock County Narcotics Enforcement Team (Wisconsin)

RCTF - Regional Crime Task Force
Rural Crime Task Force (California)

RCU - Regional Crime Unit

RDLU - Rapid Deployment Logistics Unit (FBI)

RDSTF - Regional Domestic Security Task Force (Florida)

RDT - Rapid Deployment Team

REACCT - Regional Electronic and Computer Crime Task Force (Massachusetts)

REACT - Raid, Entry and Containment Team
Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team (California)
Regional Enforcement Activity for Current Threats
Registration Enforcement And Compliance Team -- An LAPD team that monitors registered sex offenders. (Los Angeles, California)
Rescue, Entry, And Counter Terrorism Team (Rockland County, New York)
Ritchie Eradication and Crisis Response Team (Ritchie County, West Virginia)

ReACT - Regional Auto Crimes Team (Texas)

RECI - Regional Electronics and Computer Investigations (Ohio)

RED DOG - Running Every Drug Dealer Outta Georgia

REDRUM - Murder spelled backwards. (A DEA Task Force)

RENU - Regional Narcotics Unit
Regional Enforcement Narcotics Unit (Cincinnati, Ohio)

RFMTF - Rome-Floyd Metro Task Force (Floyd County, Georgia)

RFTF - Regional Fugitive Task Force

RICITF - Rock Island County Integrity Task Force (Illinois)

RID - Robbery Intervention Detail (Miami-Dade County, Florida)

RIGDTF - Richland-Iowa-Grant Drug Task Force (Wisconsin)

RMB - Risk Management Bureau

RMHIDTA - Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

RMSSTF - Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force -- They're occasionally known by the acronym RMTF. (Colorado)

RMTF - Regional Methamphetamine Task Force (California)

RNSP - Regional Narcotics Suppression Program (California)

ROCN - Regional Organized Crime and Narcotics Task Force (Oregon)

ROGUE - Repeat Offender Gang Unit Enforcement (Florida)

ROVE - Riverside County Off-Highway Vehicle Enforcement (Riverside County, California)

RRT - Radiological Response Team
Rapid Response Team
Ready Response Team
Regional Response Team
Residential Response Team

RST - Road Safety Team
Robbery Suppression Team (Moreno Valley, California, and Prince George's County, Maryland)

RSTF - Road Safety Task Force (Oregon)

RTF - Robbery Task Force

RTFU - Robbery Task Force Unit (San Antonio, Texas)

RTTF - Regional Terrorism Task Force

RUFF Drug Enforcement Task Force - Rush, Union, Fayette, and Franklin counties in eastern Indiana.

RVTF - River Valley Task Force (Northwest Arkansas)

RWATF - Regional Warrant Apprehension Task Force (Baltimore, Maryland)

RxNET - San Diego Regional Pharmaceutical Narcotic Enforcement Team (California)

SABLE - Southeastern Airborne Law Enforcement (North Carolina)

SABRE - Sexual Assault Backlog Reduction Effort (California)

SAC RTTAC - Sacramento Regional Terrorist Threat Assessment Center (California)

SACCATS - Sacramento County Auto Theft Suppression Task Force (California)

SACGVS - Southern Alameda County Gang Violence Suppression Task Force -- They're also known by the acronym SACGVSTF. (California)

SACNET - Southern Alameda County Narcotics Enforcement Team (California)

SACRATT - Southern Alameda County Regional Auto Theft Team (California)

SAFE - Selected Areas for Enforcement Team (Mooresville, North Carolina)
Sexual Assault and Family Emergencies
Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Task Force
Sexual Assault and Felony Enforcement Team
Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Task Force

SAFE-T - Selective Alcohol Fatality Enforcement Team (Suffolk County, New York)

SAGE - Shasta Anti-Gang Enforcement (Northern California)

SAINT - Sacramento Area Intelligence Narcotics Task Force (California)
Southern Area Interdiction Narcotics Team (Nevada)
Statewide Analytical Interdiction Narcotics Team

SANCATT - San Bernardino County Auto Theft Task Force (California)

SANE - Straits Area Narcotics Enforcement Team (Michigan)

SARA - Sexual Assault Resource Agency

SART - Sexual Assault Response Team, or Special Action Response Team

SAT - Special Assignment Team
State Apprehension Team (Maryland)
Strategic Analysis Team
Surveillance and Apprehension Team

SATF - Sexual Assault Task Force
Substance Abuse Task Force

SAU - Sexual Assault Unit, or Special Assignments Unit (Arizona)

SAVE - Sexual Assault and Violence Enforcement
Sheriff's Anti-Violence Enforcement Unit
Street Anti-Violence Enforcement

SB WestNET - San Bernardino County West End Narcotic Enforcement Team (California)

SBDEU - South Broward Drug Enforcement Unit (Florida)

SBMTF - South Bay Methamphetamine Task Force (Northern California)

SBRNET - Santa Barbara Regional Narcotics Enforcement Team (California)

SCARE - Santa Cruz Auto theft Reduction and Enforcement (California)

SCART - Serious Collision Analysis Response Team (Monmouth County, New Jersey)

SCAT - Sheriff's Community Action Team
SouthCoast Anti-crime Team (Massachusetts)
Special Control and Advanced Tactics
Special Crimes Apprehension Team (Ouachita Parish, Louisiana)
Special Crime Attack Team
Specialized Crimes Action Team (Santa Clara, California)
Street Crime Abatement Team
Street Crime Attack Team
Street Crimes Apprehension Team
Street Crimes Arrest Team

SCATT - Saginaw County Auto Theft Team (Michigan)
Sheriff's Combined Auto Theft Task Force
Sonoma County Auto Theft Task Force -- Later known as SONCATT. (California)

SCATTF - Sheriff's Combined Auto Theft Task Force (Texas)

SCCACT - Santa Cruz County Anti-Crime Team (California)

SCCMTF - Santa Cruz County Metro Task Force (Arizona)

SCCNET - Santa Cruz County Narcotic Enforcement Team (California)

SCCSET - Santa Clara County Special Enforcement Team (California)

SCCTF - SEMO Cyber Crimes Task Force (Southeast Missouri)

SCCVGTF - Santa Clara County Violent Gang Task Force (California)

SCDETF - Shelby County Drug Enforcement Task Force (Alabama)

SCDTF - Sanilac County Drug Task Force (Michigan)
Sauk County Drug Task Force (Wisconsin)
Shelby County Drug Task Force
South Central Drug Task Force (Georgia, and Missouri)
Southern California Drug Task Force
Summit County Drug Task Force (Colorado)
Suwannee County Drug Task Force (Florida)

SCDU - Summit County Drug Unit (Ohio)

SCDVTF - Scott County Domestic Violence Task Force (Virginia)
Shelby County Domestic Violence Task Force (Indiana)

SCENT - Special Canine Enhanced Narcotics Team (Oregon)

SCIDEU - Skagit County Interlocal Drug Enforcement Unit (Washington)

SCIDTF - South Central Illinois Drug Task Force

SCINT - South Coast Interagency Narcotics Team (Oregon)

SCINTF - Siskiyou County Interagency Narcotic Task Force (Northern California)

SCIT - Serious Collision Investigation Team
Serious Crimes Investigation Team
Street Crime Interdiction Team (Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana)
Street Crimes Investigation Team

SCKDTF - South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force

SCMEG - Sheboygan County Metropolitan Enforcement Group Unit (Wisconsin)

SCNTF - Sonoma County Narcotics Task Force (California)

SCORE - Selective Crime Occurrence Reduction Enforcement Unit (Kansas City, Kansas)
Southern Nevada Cannabis Operation and Regional Enforcement

SCRT - Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team (Georgia)

SCSO NTF - Sublette County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Task Force (Wyoming)

SCSOTF - Southern Colorado Sex Offender Task Force

SCU - Sex Crimes Unit, or Street Crimes Unit

SCVDTF - St. Croix Valley Drug Task Force (Wisconsin)

SCVGSSTF - Southern Colorado Violent Gang Safe Streets Task Force

SDEA - Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency (California)

SDRFTF - San Diego Regional Fraud Task Force (California)
San Diego Regional Fugitive Task Force (California)

SDRGTF - San Diego Regional Gang Task Force (California)

SDTF - San Diego Tunnel Task Force (California)
School Drug Task Force
State Drug Task Force

SDVCTF - San Diego Violent Crimes Task Force (California)

SDVCTF GG - San Diego Violent Crimes Task Force - Gang Group (California)

SEACAD - Southeast Alaska Cities Against Drugs

SEADE - Southeast Area Drug Enforcement (Southeast Nebraska)

SEADOG - South East Area Drug Operations Group (Wisconsin)

SEALE - Southeast Area Law Enforcement Task Force (near Cleveland, Ohio)

SEANET - Southeast Alaska Narcotics Enforcement Team

SECID - Southeastern Criminal Investigation Division (Michigan)

SECTTF - Southeastern Counter-Terrorism Task Force

SECURE Strike Force - Statewide Enforcement of Crimes by Undocumented Residents Strike Force (Utah)

SED - Special Enforcement Detail
Specialized Enforcement Division

SEKDETF - Southeast Kansas Drug Enforcement Task Force

SEMCAC - Southeast Michigan Crimes Against Children Task Force

SEMGTF - Southeastern Massachusetts Gang Task Force

SEMNGTF - Southeast Minnesota Narcotics and Gang Task Force

SEMU - Special Events Management Unit

SENT - Southeastern Narcotics Team Task Force (Ohio)

SENTRI - Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection -- A U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program that is designed to expedite legitimate border crossings by pre-approved, low-risk travelers, crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. It is similar to the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) initiative on the Canada-U.S. border.

SERFTF - Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force -- Also known as the Southeastern Regional Fugitive Task Force (Georgia)

SERT - Sheriff's Emergency Response Team
Special Emergency Reaction Team
Special Emergency Response Team
State Emergency Response Team
State Police Emergency Response Team
Strategic Enforcement Response Team

SERTF - Southeast Florida Regional Task Force

SET - Selective Enforcement Team
Special Enforcement Team
Street Enforcement Team
Summer Enforcement Team

SEU - Special Enforcement Unit

SFAJFTF - Sioux Falls Area Joint Fugitive Task (South Dakota)

SFHTTF - South Florida Human Trafficking Task Force

SFISC - South Florida Investigative Support Center

SFMLSF - South Florida Money Laundering Strike Force

SFTTF - Statewide Firearms Trafficking Task Force (Connecticut)

SGADTF - South Georgia Drug Task Force

SGSOGTF - San Gorgonio Special Operations Gang Task Force (Southern California)

SGSP - Specialized Gang Supervision Program

SGVNET - San Gabriel Valley Narcotics Enforcement Team (Southern California)

SHTF - Safe Home Task Force

SID - Scientific Investigation Division
Special Investigations Division

SIDTF - Southern Illinois Drug Task Force

SIFTF - Southern Iowa Fugitive Task Force

SINTF - Shasta Interagency Narcotics Task Force (Northern California)

SIRRT - Spokane Investigative Regional Response Team (Spokane, Washington)

SIU - Scientific Investigations Unit (Ohio)
Security and Investigations Unit
Sheriff's Investigation Unit
Special Incidents Unit
Special Investigations Unit
Strategic Investigations Unit

SLANT - State Line Area Narcotics Team (Wisconsin and Illinois)

SLCU - Street Level Crime Unit (Maryland)

SLED - South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
State Law Enforcement Division

SLEDNET - South Lake/El Dorado Narcotics Enforcement Team (California) -- A specialized multi-agency investigative drug unit in the south shore area of Lake Tahoe.

SLOCAT - San Luis Obispo County Auto Theft Task Force (California)

SLOCNTF - San Luis Obispo County Narcotic Task Force (California)

SMART - School Multi-Agency Response Team
Office of Sex Offender Sentencing, Monitoring, Apprehending, Registering, and Tracking
Sexual Molestation and Abuse Response Team (Indiana)
Sheriff's Mobile Auxiliary Response Team (Nevada)
Snohomish Multiple Agency Response Team (Washington)
Specialized Multi-Agency Response Team
Summer Mobile Analysis Response Team
Summer Mobile Analytical Response Team
Swift Missing Abducted Response Task Force -- Also known as N.C. SMART. (North Carolina)

SMASH - San Bernardino Movement Against Street Hoodlums (San Bernardino County, California)
Sheriff's Movement Against Street Hoodlums

SMCNTF - San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force (California)

SMcRT - Summit Metro Crash Response Team (Summit County, Ohio)

SMCVTTF - San Mateo County Vehicle Theft Task Force (California)

SMDTF - South Metro Drug Task Force (Colorado)
St. Mary Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force (Louisiana)

SMFTF - Smoky Mountain Fugitive Task Force

SMNTF - South Mississippi Narcotics Task Force

SMRDTF - Southern Middlesex Regional Drug Task Force (Massachusetts)

SMTF - State Methamphetamine Task Force

SMVCTF - Southern Maine Violent Crime Task Force (Maine)

SNARE - Specialized Narcotics Abuse Reduction Effort Drug Task Force (Nebraska)

SNCDTF - Southern Nevada Club Drug Task Force (Nevada)

SNDVTF - Southern Nevada Domestic Violence Task Force (Nevada)

SNEU - Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit

SNJMTF - Southern Nevada Joint Methamphetamine Task Force (Nevada)

SNTF - Sheriff's Narcotics Task Force
Special Narcotics Task Force
Statewide Narcotics Task Force (Connecticut)
Street Narcotics Task Force

SNUD - Street Narcotics Uniform Detail
Street Narcotics Uniform Division

SOAR - Search Operations Aerial Response (Palm Bay, Florida)
Special Operations and Response Team

SOCITF - Statewide Organized Crime Investigative Task Force (Connecticut)

SOD - Special Operations Division

SOFAST - Southern Ohio Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team

SOHTCTF - Southern Oregon High-Tech Crimes Task Force

SOLAT - Sex Offender Locate and Arrest Team (Louisiana)

SOLEMN - Sex Offender Law Enforcement Multi-disciplinary Network (Rhode Island)

Sol-NET - Solano County Narcotics Enforcement Team (California)

SOMU - Sex Offender Management Unit

SOPU - Sexual Offender/Predator Unit (Florida)

SORE - Sex Offender Registration and Enforcement Unit
Sheriff's Off-Road Enforcement (Santa Clara County, California)

SORNA - Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act

SORT - Sexual Offender Registration and Tracking Unit
Special Operations Response and Tactics
Special Operations Response Team
Specialized Operations Response Team

SORU - Sex Offender Registration Unit

SOS - Sexual Offense Services, or Sexual Offense Squad

SOT - Special Operations Team

SOTF - Sex Offender Task Force

SOTNT - Southern Oregon Tactical Narcotics Team -- Formerly known as the Jackson County Narcotics Enforcement Team (JACNET). (Oregon)

SOU - Sex Offenders Unit, or Special Operations Unit

SOVA ICAC - Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

SPAT - Sexual Predator Apprehension Team (California)

SPIDER - Sexual Predator Internet Decoy Enforcement in Riverside (California)

SPII - Sexual Predator Internet Initiative Task Force (Ohio)

SPTU - State Police Tactical Unit

SPU - Sexual Predator Unit

SRDTF - Snohomish Regional Drug Task Force (Washington)
Southern Tier Regional Drug Task Force -- They're occasionally known by the acronym STRDTF. (Southern New York)
Spokane Regional Drug Task Force (Washington)

SRT - Satucket Regional Tactical Team -- They're occasionally known as the Satucket RTT. (Massachusetts)
Search Response Team
Sector Response Team
Security Response Team
Sheriff's Response Team
Shooting Response Team (New Jersey)
Shoplifting Response Teams
Situation Response Team
Special Response Tactical Unit
Special Response Team
State police Response Team
Strategic Response Team

SRU - School Resource Unit
Self-Reporting Unit
Special Response Unit
Strategic Response Unit

SSATIN - South Suburban Auto Theft Interdiction Network (Illinois)

SSCENT - State, Sheriff's and Chief's Enforcement of Narcotics Team (Michigan)

SSCNTF - South Snohomish County Narcotics Task Force (Washington)

SSERT - South Suburban Emergency Response Team (Illinois)

SSGTF - South Sound Gang Task Force (Washington)

SSGU - Safe Streets and Gang Unit

SSMCTF - South Suburban Major Crimes Task Force (Illinois)

SSNTF - South Sakakawea Narcotics Task Force (North Dakota)

SSRT - Special Situation Response Team (Florida, Kansas, Massachusetts, etc.)

SSTF - Safe Streets Task Force

SSVCI - Safe Streets Violent Crimes Initiative

STAC - Strategic Counterdrug Team (Huntsville, Madison County, and Morgan County, in Northern Alabama)

StanCATT - Stanislaus County Auto Theft Task Force (California)

STAR - Serious Traffic Accident Reconstruction Team
Sheriff's Tactical Accident Reduction Unit
Sheriff's Tactical Airborne Response Team
Sheriff's Tactical and Reconnaissance Team
Sheriff's Tactical and Response Team
Sheriff's Tactical Armed Response Team (Worcester County, Maryland)
Sheriff's Tactically Armed Response Team (Fayette County, Ohio)
Sheriff's Team of Active Retirees
Special Tactical and Response Team
Special Tactics And Rescue
Special Tactics And Response Team
Strategic Traffic Accident Reduction Team (DeKalb County, Georgia)

STARS - Sheriff's Team of Active Retired Seniors
Strategic Team Against Rape and Sexual Assault (Memphis, Tennessee)

START - Sheriff's Tactical Action Response Team
Special Tactical Action Response Team
Special Tactics And Response Team
Stop Teen Alcohol Risk Team (Vermont)

STAT - Street Terrorist Apprehension Team (California)

STATE Team - Special Tactical Assault Team Element (Maryland State Police)

STATETF - South Texas Auto Theft Enforcement Task Force

STCPTF - Southern Tier Cyber Predator Task Force (Southern New York)

STEP - Selected Traffic Enforcement Program
Selective Traffic Enforcement Program
Sheriff's Tactical Enforcement Personnel (Tulare County, California)
Sheriff's Targeted Enforcement Program (Butte County, California)
Special Traffic Enforcement Program
Sustained Traffic Enforcement Program

STET - Selective Traffic Enforcement Team
Specialized Truck Enforcement Team (Michigan)
Strategic Traffic Enforcement Team (Montana)

STGMO - Security Threat Group Management Office

STING - Colorado Security Threat Intelligence Network Group
Strike Team Investigative Narcotics Group (Michigan)

STOP - Special Tactical Operations, or Special Tactics and Operations (Massachusetts State Police)
Stop the Offender Program (Johnson County, Texas)
Street Terrorism Offender Program

STTAC - State Terrorism Threat Assessment Center (California)

STU - Security Threat Unit
Special Tactical Unit
Special Tactics Unit
Special Teams Unit

SUMMIT - Sierra Unified Major Marijuana Investigation Team (California)

SVCGET - Spokane Violent Crime Gang Enforcement Team (Washington)

SVCTF - Sacramento Violent Crimes Task Force (California)
Stockton Violent Crimes Task Force (California)

SVDTF - Southern Vermont Drug Task Force

SVJI - Sexual Violence Justice Institute (Minnesota)

SVTAC - Statewide Vehicle Theft Advisory Committee (California)

SWAT - Special Weapons And Tactics

SWATT - Special Weapons And Tactics Team

SWB HIDTA - Southwest Border High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

SWCNTF - Southwest Corridor Narcotics Task Force (Southern California)

SWDTF - Southwest Drug Task Force (Colorado, Minnesota, and Montana)

SWET - Southwest Enforcement Team (Southwest Michigan)

SWIFT - South Western Identity Theft and Fraud Task Force (Nevada)
Southwest Investigative Fugitive Team (U.S. Marshals)

SWMDT - State Weapons of Mass Destruction Team (Illinois)

SWMDTF - Southwest Montana Drug Task Force -- They're occasionally known by the acronyms SWDTF and SMDTF. (Montana)

SWMMCS - Southwest Missouri Major Case Squad

SWMODTF - Southwest Missouri Drug Task Force

SWMDTF - Southwest Metro Drug Task Force (Minnesota)

SWNTF - Southwest Narcotics Task Force (North Dakota)

TACLET - Tactical Law Enforcement Team

TACT - Tactical Apprehension and Control Team (Florida)
Tactical Arrest and Confrontation Team
Tactical Team
Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks

TACT Unit - Tactical Apprehension Containment Team (Memphis, Tennessee)

TAG - Tactical Assault Group
Training Advisory Group
Transnational Anti-Gang Unit

TAG Law Enforcement Task Force - Trumbull-Ashtabula Group Law Enforcement Task Force (Ohio)

TAGMET - Tehama and Glenn Methamphetamine Enforcement Team (Tehama and Glenn Counties, California)

TARGET - Tri-Agency Resource Gang Enforcement Team (Orange County, California)

TASTTF - Tri-Agency Safe Trails Task Force

TCCTF - Tallahassee Cyber Crime Task Force (Florida)

TCDTF - Tippecanoe County Drug Task Force (Indiana)
Tri-Circuit Drug Task Force (Southeastern Georgia)
Tri-County Drug Task Force

TCNTF - Tallapoosa County Narcotics Task Force (Alabama)
Tazewell County Narcotics Task Force (Southwest Virginia)
Thurston County Narcotics Task Force -- This Washington state task force is more commonly known by the acronym TNT.
Tri-County Narcotics Task Force

TEAMS - Technical Emergency And Mission Specialists (New Jersey State Police)

TED - Traffic Enforcement Detail
Traffic Enforcement Division

TEST - Traffic Enforcement Safety Team (Madison, Wisconsin)

TEU - Tactical Enforcement Unit
Target Enforcement Unit
Targeted Enforcement Unit
Tobacco Enforcement Unit
Trace Evidence Unit
Traffic Enforcement Unit
Training and Education Unit
Truck Enforcement Unit

TFOS - Terrorist Financing Operations Section

TF X - Task Force X (Illinois)

THUGS - Taking Hoodlums Using Guns Seriously (Florida Department of Law Enforcement)

TIU - Technical Investigations Unit
Traffic Investigations Unit

TMTF - Tennessee Meth Task Force

TNET - Tahoma Narcotics Enforcement Team (Washington)
Targeted Narcotics Enforcement Team
Turlock Narcotics Enforcement Team -- They're more commonly known as T-NET. (California)

TNT - Tactical Narcotics Team
Tactical Negotiations Team
Thurston County Narcotics Task Force (Washington)
Tillamook Narcotics Team (Oregon)
Traverse Narcotics Team (Michigan)
Trigg Narcotics Team (Kentucky)
Tuolumne Narcotics Team (California)

TNTF - Tactical Narcotics Task Force
Terrebonne Narcotics Task Force (Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana)
The Narcotics Task Force
Trinity Narcotics Task Force (Trinity County, California)

TNU - Tactical Narcotics Unit
Thumb Narcotic Unit (Michigan)

TOG - Technical Operations Group

TOMCATS - Tactical Operations Multi-agency Cargo Anti-Theft Squad (Miami-Dade County, Florida)

TOPS - Traffic and Operations Support

TracKRS - Task Force Review Aimed at Catching Killers, Rapists and Sexual Offenders

TRAP - Taskforce for Regional Auto theft Prevention (Los Angeles County, California)

TRATT - Tulare Regional Auto Theft Task Force -- They've also been called the Tulare County Reduce Auto Theft Task Force. (California)

Tri-DENT - Tri-County Drug Enforcement Narcotics Team (LaSalle, Bureau and Putnam counties, Illinois)

TRIDENT - Tri-County Drug Enforcement Team (Nevada)
Two Rivers Drug Enforcement Team (Colorado)

Tri-NET - Tri-NET Narcotic Enforcement Team (Nevada)

TRT - Tactical Response Team
Terrorism Response Team
Trafficking Response Team

TRU - Tactical Response Unit

TSD - Technical Services Division
Traffic Safety Division

TSTF - Traffic Safety Task Force

TSU - Tactical Services Unit
Technical Services Unit
Technology Services Unit
Traffic Safety Unit
Traffic Support Unit
Transitional Services Unit

TTF - Terrorism Task Force

TVCS - Terrorism and Violent Crime Section

TVGTF - Texas Violent Gang Task Force

UCERT - Ulster County Emergency Response Team (New York)
Union County Emergency Response Team (New Jersey)

UCMCTF - Utah County Major Crimes Task Force -- They're also known simply as UCMC. (Utah County, Utah)

UDEST - Unified Drug Enforcement Strike Team (Florida)

UNET - Unified Narcotics Enforcement Team (South Dakota)
United Narcotics Enforcement Team (California)
University Neighborhood Enforcement Team
University Neighborhood Enhancement Team

UPD - Uniform Patrol Division

UPSET - Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team (Michigan)

URGENT - Ulster Regional Gang Enforcement Narcotics Team (New York)

URT - Underwater Response Team
University Response Team
Urban Response Team
Urgent Response Team

USCIS - United States Citizenship and Immigration Services -- They were formerly known as the INS.

USERT - Underwater Search and Evidence Response Team (FBI)

USMS - United States Marshals' Service

USNCB - United States National Central Bureau -- NCB is another acronym that also refers to the U.S. National Central Bureau of Interpol in Washington, D.C.

USPIS - United States Postal Inspection Service

USSS - United States Secret Service

VALIANT - Valley Inter-Agency Narcotics Enforcement Team (Oregon)

VCAT - Ventura County Combined Agency Team -- They're also known as the Ventura County Combined Agency Narcotics Task Force. (California)
Violent Crime Apprehension Team
Violent Criminal Apprehension Team

VCDTF - Vigo County Drug Task Force (Indiana)

VCET - Violent Crime Enforcement Task Force
Violent Crimes Enforcement Team

VCFTF - Violent Crimes and Firearms Task Force
Violent Crime Fugitive Task Force

VC/GTF - Violent Crime/Gang Task Force

VCIS - Violent Crime Impact Section (Baltimore, Maryland)

VCIT - Violent Crime Impact Team
Violent Crime Interdiction Team
Violent Crime Intervention Team
Violent Crime Investigation Team
Violent Crime Investigative Team

VCSU - Violent Crime Suppression Unit (Fresno, California)

VCTF - Violent Crimes Task Force

VCU - Violent Crimes Unit

VDAU - Vicious and Dangerous Animals Unit (San Francisco, California)

VENCAT - Ventura County Auto Theft Task Force

VFAS - Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section -- Formerly known as the Violent Fugitive Arrest Squad. (Massachusetts State Police)

V-GAP - Violent Gang Apprehension Program

VGFSP Safe Streets Task Force - Violent Gangs, Fugitive and Sexual Predators Safe Streets Task Force

V-GRIP - Violence and Gun Reduction Interdiction Program (Northeastern Ohio)

VGT - Virtual Global Taskforce -- A collaborative alliance involving law enforcement agencies from around the world working together to combat online child sex exploitation and make the Internet a safer place.

VHRU - Volunteer Homeland Reserve Unit (Southern Nevada)

ViCAP - Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (FBI)

VIPER - Video Interactive Patrol Enhanced Response Unit
Violence, Intelligence, Prosecution, Enforcement and Recidivism
Violent Incident Process, Enforcement and Response
Violent Incident Prevention and Early Response
Violent Incident Proactive Enforcement Response
Visible Intermodal Protection and Response team (also known as VIPR teams)
Vital Innovative Partnerships Ensuring Reclamation
Volunteers in Police Enforcement and Response

VLEU - Video Lottery Enforcement Unit (Delaware State Police)

VMEG - Vermilion County Metropolitan Enforcement Group (Illinois)

VNET - Valley Narcotics Enforcement Team (Washington)

VNI - Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Division -- Also known as the Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Division (Metro VNI)

VOTF - Violent Offender Task Force
Violent Offender's Task Force (Louisiana)

VPNTF - Vernon Parish Narcotics Task Force (Louisiana)

VRP - Vehicle Recovery Program, or Violence Recovery Program

VSET - Vehicle Theft Suppression Enforcement Team (Northern California)

VSGTF - Violent Street Gang Task Force

VSP - Violence Suppression Program (California)

VSU - Victim Services Unit
Victim Specialists Unit
Violence Suppression Unit

VTTF - Vehicle Theft Task Force

VTRTF - Vehicle Theft Recovery Task Force
Vehicle Theft Reduction Trust Fund (California)

WAANT - Western Alaska Alcohol and Narcotics Team

WAAT - Washtenaw Area Auto Theft Team (Michigan)

WAGTF - Wichita Area Gun Task Force (Kansas)

WANTED - Warrant Apprehension Network and Tactical Enforcement Detail -- Previously known as the HIDTA Enforcement Agencies Taskforce. (Arizona)

WANTF - West Alabama Narcotics Task Force (Tuscaloosa County, Alabama)

WATF - Warrant Apprehension Task Force
Wilson Arson Task Force (North Carolina)

WAVE - Washington Area Vehicle Enforcement Team
Working Against Violent Elements (Illinois)

WayneNET - Wayne County Narcotics Enforcement Team (New York)

WCDTF - Ward County Drug Task Force (North Dakota)
Warren County Drug Task Force (Ohio)
Washington County Drug Task Force (Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Utah, etc.)
Weld County Drug Task Force (Colorado)
West Central Drug Task Force (Minnesota, and Wisconsin)
Western Colorado Drug Task Force (Colorado)
Whitley County Drug Task Force (Indiana)
Wright County Drug Task Force (Minnesota)

WCDVTF - Wise County Domestic Violence Task Force (Texas)

WCMDTF - West Central Minnesota Drug Task Force

WCNTF - Washington County Narcotics Task Force (Maryland)
West County Narcotics Task Force (California)
Wicomico County Narcotics Task Force (Maryland)

WCOCTF - West Central Ohio Crime Task Force

WCTICTF - West Central Texas Interlocal Crime Task Force

WEB - Westshore Enforcement Bureau (Northeast Ohio)

WEDGE - West Suburban Directed Gang Enforcement Task Force
West Suburban Drug and Gang Enforcement Task Force

WEMET - West Michigan Enforcement Team

WENET - West El Dorado Narcotics Enforcement Team (California)

WestNET - West Contra Costa County Narcotics Enforcement Team (California)
West End Narcotics Enforcement Team
West Sound Narcotics Enforcement Team (Washington)
Westside Narcotics Enforcement Team

WFTF - Wyoming Fugitive Task Force

WGTF - Watts Gang Task Force (California)

WIN - Westside Interagency Narcotics Team (Washington County, Oregon)

WINE - Western Iowa Narcotics Enforcement Task Force

WING - Western Intelligence and Narcotics Group (Nebraska)

WMHTF - Weber-Morgan Homicide Task Force (Utah)

WMNSF - Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force (Utah)

WMRDEO - West Metro Regional Drug Enforcement Office (Georgia)

WMTF - Willcox Meth Task Force -- NOTE: The town of Willcox, Arizona, is often misspelled "Wilcox, Arizona."

WNTF - Wicomico Narcotics Task Force (Maryland)

WPA FTF - Western Pennsylvania Fugitive Task Force (U.S. Marshals)

WSATI - Western States Auto Theft Investigators

WTNETF - West Texas Narcotics Enforcement Task Force

WTVCTF - West Tennessee Violent Crimes Task Force

WWATU - Western Wayne Auto Theft Unit (Michigan)

WWN - Western Wayne Narcotics (Wayne County, Michigan)

YAT - Youth Accountability Team (Riverside County, California)

YCBS - Yolo County Bomb Squad (Northern California)

YCDTF - York County Drug Task Force (Pennsylvania)

YCDVTF - York County Domestic Violence Task Force

YCEATF - York County Elder Abuse Task Force (Maine)

YCGTF - Yolo County Gang Task Force (California)

YCINT - Yamhill County Interagency Narcotics Team (Oregon)

YCNTF - Yuma County Narcotics Task Force (Arizona)

YCTF - Youth Crime Task Force

YONET - Yolo County Narcotics Enforcement Team (Northern California)

YSAGE - Yuba-Sutter Anti-Gang Enforcement Unit (Northern California)

ZMMPDTF - Zell Miller Mountain Parkway Drug Task Force (Northern Georgia)


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