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Internet Accuracy Project is looking for experts and scholars in all categories of knowledge, including aerospace/aviation, agriculture, arts/entertainment, economics/business, history, medicine, crime/law, politics, science, and sports.

Our goals include improving the accuracy of all the reference sources we rely on. If you're a scholar or expert with a passion for accuracy, please consider volunteering a bit of your time. Your efforts could help improve the accuracy of reference sources around the world, without ever leaving your home.

Each of our experts concentrates on the one single subject of their greatest expertise. You can volunteer as little or as much time as you see fit. You determine when, where and how much time you can devote to cataloging errors in your field of expertise. You will not need to write HTML, or deal with any of the other minutiae involved with the Web site.

If you've discovered errors in reference books, but have no spare time available to volunteer, please use the email links below to apprise us of the errors. Understand that we must be able to independently verify all errors. To avoid repetitious submissions of preexisting error corrections, please check errors in reference books to ensure we haven't previously addressed the error.

We are not accepting volunteers at this time, as our organization undergoes some changes.

If you find value in the work we do, please link to our site from your webpage, blog or website. Alternatively, consider recommending us to your friends and colleagues. Thank you in advance!

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