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Contribute surplus office supplies or old office furniture

Disclaimer: Please note that neither this page, nor any other on the Internet Accuracy Project site, should be considered a solicitation to make a donation.

Internet Accuracy Project guarantees that you are, and will continue to be, free to view our content regardless of whether you can afford to make a contribution.

If you find value in the work we do, and have surplus office supplies, please consider contributing them to Internet Accuracy Project. Likewise, if you have old, but functional office furniture taking up room in your warehouse, closet, garage or attic, consider giving it to our organization to aid us in our pioneering role in improving the accuracy of the reference sources we all rely on, both online and off.

We greatly appreciate contributions of shelves, bookcases, folding conference tables, bookends, pens, pencils, markers, postage stamps, magnifiers, paper shredders, correction tape, staples, staplers, blank recordable CD-R, blank recordable DVD-R, or DVD+R, blank mailing labels, paperclips, stationery, scissors, clear packing tape, duct tape, strapping tape, Post-it Notes, envelopes, electronic labelers, blank bookplates, storage totes, Palm Pilots and other PDAs.

NOTE: We no longer need binders, files, file folders, hanging file folders, file sorters, tabbed index dividers, gluesticks, wall clocks, pen/pencil cup holders, vertical sorters, message racks, wire desk trays, magazine racks, binding machines, stacking desk trays, monitor stands, monitor risers, desks or office chairs.

We also accept contributions of old computer equipment, and used books.

Why give your surplus reusable furniture or surplus office supplies?

The most obvious reason is environmental. Why add unnecessarily to often overburdened landfills and incinerators across the country. Far too many people are conscientious about recycling their aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and newspapers, yet when it comes to office furnishings, they don't hesitate to needlessly discard rooms full of used equipment.

Concern for the environment notwithstanding, each piece of office furniture dumped in a landfill is a missed opportunity to assist our organization in our pioneering role in improving the accuracy of the reference sources we all rely on, both online and off.

Internet Accuracy Project is an all-volunteer organization, and our visitors are never charged to read our content. This means we depend on contributions to continue our work.

Your support also helps ensure fast, free, reliable site access. Thank you for your support.

Before shipping your old office furniture

Before shipping your old office furniture, be certain that you've removed all your personal effects and files. If you're sending an electronic labeling system, or other electronic equipment, please try and include the original documentation that came with the product when it was purchased, including any operating manuals.

If your office furniture is broken, or is in need of repair, we ask that it be sent to a commercial recycler instead.

We greatly appreciate all contributions, and thank you in advance for your consideration.

Shipping your old office furniture or unwanted office supplies

We are not accepting office supplies or furniture at this time, as our organization undergoes some changes.

If you find value in the work we do, please link to this page from your webpage, blog or website. Alternatively, consider recommending us to your friends and colleagues. Thank you in advance!

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