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John Sheldon Doud Eisenhower

John Sheldon Doud Eisenhower is a former first family member, writer/historian, U.S. diplomat, and son of Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States.

Biographical fast facts

Full or original name at birth: John Sheldon Doud Eisenhower

Date and place of birth: August 3, 1922, at 6:20 a.m., Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.*

Marriage: His first wife was Barbara Jean Thompson. Their wedding took place June 10, 1947**, at Fort Monroe, near Norfolk, Virginia. This marriage later ended in divorce and he married a second time in the late 1980s, to Joanne Thompson.

Son: Dwight David Eisenhower II (b. March 31, 1948, West Point, New York)

Daughters: Barbara Anne Eisenhower (b. May 30, 1949, West Point, New York)
Susan Elaine Eisenhower (b. December 31, 1951, Fort Knox, Kentucky)
Mary Jean Eisenhower (b. December 21, 1955, Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital, Washington D.C.)

Brother: Doud Dwight "Icky" Eisenhower (b. September 24, 1917, Denver, Colorado - d. January 2, 1921, Camp Meade, Maryland, of scarlet fever)

Father: Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th President of the United States) (b. October 14, 1890, at 5:19 p.m., at the corner of Lamar Avenue and Day Street, Denison, Texas - d. March 28, 1969, at 12:35 p.m., Walter Reed Medical Center, Washington D.C., of heart failure)
Mother: Mamie Eisenhower (First Lady of the United States) (b. November 14, 1896, at 1:00 p.m., at 718 Carroll Street, Boone, Iowa - d. November 1, 1979, at 1:35 a.m., Walter Reed Medical Center, Washington D.C., of cardiac arrest and a stroke)

Error corrections or clarifications

* A couple of sources erroneously report John Sheldon Doud Eisenhower died back in the 1960s.

** A few sources erroneously report John S. D. Eisenhower married Barbara Jean Thompson "July 10, 1947" instead of the correct date of June 10th, 1947. Not only have members of the Eisenhower family confirmed the June 10th marriage date in their memoirs, but Time magazine also provided coverage of their marriage in its June 23rd, 1947 issue.

Biography - Selected writing credits

John Sheldon Doud Eisenhower was the second son born to Dwight D. Eisenhower and Mamie Geneva Doud Eisenhower. Sadly, their first son died of scarlet fever, a year and a half before John made his debut in the world.

John Eisenhower lived in the shadow of his father, both figuratively and literally. He chose a military career and served during both World War II and the Korean War. John received his master's degree in English Lit. from Columbia University in 1950, while his father was serving as President of the University. Late in the 1950s, he actually served as Assistant Staff Secretary in the White House, on the Army's General Staff (1958-61), while his father was in his second term as U.S. President.

A decorated soldier, Lieutenant Colonel John Eisenhower transitioned to the Reserves from active duty in the U.S. Army in 1963. He rose to the rank of Brigadier General before retiring from the U.S. Army Reserve in 1974.

Following the White House years, he assisted his father in writing his Presidential memoirs. His work on that book produced an offer to write other books, which resulted in The Bitter Woods: The Battle of the Bulge. His new writing career was interrupted from 1969 to 1971 as he served as U.S. Ambassador to Belgium. He was next appointed Chairman of the Interagency Classification Review Committee (1972-73) by President Nixon. He resumed his writing in the early 1970s, and produced a number of critically acclaimed volumes of military history.

Eisenhower's works have covered everything from World War I, World War II, the Mexican-American War, Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution, to biographies of General Winfield Scott, and his own father, General Eisenhower.

He has four children, all by his first marriage to Barbara Jean Thompson, which took place June 10th, 1947, at Fort Monroe, near Norfolk, Virginia. John and Barbara later divorced, and he would marry Joanne Thompson in the late 1980s.

In 1986, John Eisenhower moved from Kimberton, Pennsylvania, to Trappe, Maryland. He had originally purchased a weekend home in Trappe, but then decided to move there permanently. The rural home he shares with his wife is on the eastern shore of Maryland, near the town of Easton, and as he describes it, "Where we live it is like wilderness. A few miles off the road."

Selected writing credits:
The Bitter Woods: The Battle of the Bulge (1969)
Strictly Personal (1974)
Letters to Mamie by Dwight D. Eisenhower (1978)
Allies: Pearl Harbor to D-Day (1982)
So Far from God: The U.S. War With Mexico, 1846-1848 (1989)
D-Day: From the Normandy Beaches to the Liberation of France (1993)
Intervention!: The United States and the Mexican Revolution, 1913-1917 (1993)
Agent of Destiny: The Life And Times Of General Winfield Scott (1997)
Yanks: The Epic Story of the American Army in World War I (2001)
General Ike: A Personal Reminiscence (2003)


The most in-depth of more than three dozen sources consulted in preparing this profile:
In Review, Pictures I've Kept, by Dwight D. Eisenhower (1969)
Mrs. Ike: Portrait of a Marriage, by Susan Eisenhower (2002)
Dwight D. Eisenhower: Soldier, President, Statesman, edited by Joann P. Krieg (1987)
Eisenhower: A Centennial Life, by Michael R. Beschloss (1990)
Eisenhower, by Stephen E. Ambrose (1990)
Dwight D. Eisenhower: A Man Called Ike, by Jean Darby (1989)
Ike and Mamie: The Story of the General and His Lady, by Lester and Irene David.

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