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Lot map for 306 Hallberg Street, SW, Warroad, Minnesota

The following map is provided to clarify confusion over the unconventional chronology of lot numbers at 306 Hallberg Street, in Warroad, Minnesota. This address is found in southwest Warroad, on the south side of Hallberg St., west of Dale Avenue. Not only does the lot placement perplexingly begin with lot 4, but then it descends for the first five lots down to lot 0 (zero). The fact that there even is a lot #0 is strange enough, but you'll notice that the lot numbers then ascend in a normal fashion from lot 36 thru 54. That's right -- lot 0 is right next door to lot 36.

This lot map should be of assistance to the deliverymen, new mail carriers, and other visitors who've been perplexed by the unusual numerical order of lots at the aforementioned address. For more information on this northwest Minnesota town, visit our profile of Warroad, Minnesota.

NOTE: Some older maps fail to properly show Hallberg Street intersecting Highway 11. For countless years, the majority of Warroad maps, including some of those distributed by the Warroad Chamber of Commerce, mistakenly showed Dale Avenue as the starting point for Hallberg Street. Be aware that there are literally thousands of maps still in circulation that erroneously show Hallberg beginning at Dale Avenue, instead of Highway 11.

Map showing lot placement at 306 Hallberg Street, Warroad, MN.

Map showing lot placement at 306 Hallberg Street, Warroad, Minnesota

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